Lions and Tigers and Bears…

Oh my.


It has been ages since I last posted. Mostly because I’ve been busy, partly cuz I’ve been experiencing some pain that has knocked me on my butt. Tuesday mom had a haircut, that afternoon a friend texted and since it was a lovely day, he wanted to meet at a local beach area. (He also wanted to let his dog run on the beach) So, I took mom home and went off to the shore. I need to go to this place more often. I didn’t take photos, but it is mostly sand, like the one closer to town. However, this one (except during fishing season) is pretty vacant. At the moment, it is red season (dip netting for red salmon), so it was rather crowded. Not as much as usual since the escapement is down (the amount of fish in the river), but still a lot more people than I prefer!

Wednesday, I was going to meet a friend from the Oregon coast for lunch. Mom had a rough night, but I left her anyway. I was also supposed to take the car to Sir Wrench later that day. It was sunny and pretty much a perfect afternoon. We had lunch, took the car in (he found it might just need new tires. He’ll order them and further investigate the odd noise that vanished when he drove it), walked around town with my friend and her cousin, and wore my poor self out. Not only did I end up with a thigh burn on my inner right leg (I wore those cool Bandalettes and was in a rush to put them on properly. I will not do that again!), but my legs were so sore from walking I wanted to cry when I got in the car to go back home. MS can be a bear sometimes. (speaking of bear, I did see my first Alaskan bear on Wednesday. It was a black cub running across the road near mom’s house. It seems odd I’ve never seen one before, but we don’t seem to hang out in the same places!)

Thursday, I hurt so much, but I had a dental appointment and knew since I’d rescheduled once, it was better to just get it over with. I’m not sure what hurt more after, my jaw or my pocket book. I was told it would be $800 more, so that is what I brought. Nope, I still owe them almost $300. This time they poked around in my gum and made me a temp tooth that feels funny. That afternoon, one of my friends from HS was in town. She lives in ANC now and she wanted to meet when I was done at the dentist. I was pretty worn, but seeing people I love is a positive thing. She paid for lunch and I could have taken more of that soup home! We also walked a bit and went to the art gallery (she’s an artist and teacher).

When I got home, I was way beyond exhausted. I remember reading a post by Rhapsody about invisible chronic pain and gods, she is so right. Mom, of course, didn’t quite understand why I wasn’t feeling very good. I just did what she does and tried to hide it around her. I don’t know why I didn’t get her genes for strength. When she had those 6 teeth removed last December and the surgeries to install the pain pump and the one for carpal tunnel, she rebounded faster than a puck in a hockey game. I did a lot of sleeping and worrying about a couple of friends (SSC and TnT, in particular) and managed to forget to purchase more ibuprofen.  (I got mom’s meds and completely forgot to get anything normal for me! Lol)

Now, it is Saturday. It is gorgeous outside and I feel quite a bit better. Odd, but better. I had my first low carb energy drink and it was delicious. (Although, now I have to keep peeing!) I’m feeling well enough to finally do my laundry and I might go outside later. Mom said she may feel up to the beach this afternoon, so I’ll not go out on the lake. If she wants to go somewhere, I don’t want to be unavailable. She’s been left alone quite a bit this week and even though she has refused going to the beach each time I’ve asked when I’ve gotten home, I know she wants to.

I also had an awesome offer I had to turn down. Some of our friends are moving out of state and dismantling their home. They have a queen sized bed they’d like to give to me for my room. (It is obvious they’ve never been in my room.) R said she talked to mom and mom said if I didn’t mind taking it, it would be ok with her. (Mum is delusional) I looked my room over several times, tried to think of ways to rearrange mom’s debris, and it just doesn’t seem like it will work. I’d love a better bed, but I don’t want to take away my space. Yes, I use a part of the family room now, but I really like having a chair in my room to sit in. The couch is good, but I like a chair, too. (Spoiled!) The photos are bad (It appears I take bad cell phone pictures. It also appears I am a messy person and use way too many blankets. I am shocked, I thought things were tidier in my room. The floor is clear, the bed is made, but so much is horribly untidy. I’m going to be working on that.), but they sort of give you an idea of how little room I have in my large room. There are floor heaters on two walls and I need space to get to them (hence the path). I like being able to get into one side of the closet (it holds a couple of my shirts, I probably have too many clothes. I do keep most of them in my duffle at the end of the bed or hung on a bar in the storeroom.) and I do use a couple of the drawers in the dresser. (tank tops and sweatshirts) Next to the bed on the chair side is a small broken roll top desk I use for my meds. (I sit on the bed and do blood tests and shots) I did say if they wanted to help reorganize things, they could. But, on the whole, I’m pretty sure it is a nice idea, but not very practical. I’d also have to figure out what to do with the captain’s bed and the things in 5 of the drawers and I’d miss the shelf at the head of it.

Life is full of worries and woes. Strider texted he’d moved his chicks to their grown up coop and a coon got in and killed all of them. Didn’t eat any, just killed them. Mom’s still in a great deal of pain. It is like the pump recalibration works briefly and then doesn’t anymore. However, we might get rain soon (I love rain!), when I was with my friend from Oregon, I managed to ‘sell’ 3 of the books I shared in here after the 2017 summer solstice (After I talked them up, different people wanted to buy them from the shops we were visiting!), and I found at least 8 different seedlings popping up from the 14 packets of flower seeds I scattered!

Sharing an almost classic song, because when I hear it I always feel joyful. (it is an almost classic cuz it is hard to imagine the 80s as being classic!)

8 thoughts on “Lions and Tigers and Bears…

  1. I love the Kenny Loggins Footloose song! Reminds me of the fun days I would do disco partying. Sorry you are in pain. Your room is really cramped and you are not kidding. My room has only space for a super single bed. It was worst when I was living in Hong Kong. I could only put in a single bed and the closet space left me with one leg room to walk past between closet and bed. I would think that in USA, you would or could have more room. I guess houses were built in tighter areas now. Do take care and chin up my friend. Days will get better as the sun will shine and we plod on. Garfield hugs and blessings.

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  2. So sorry to hear you have been experiencing so much pain, Kris. Although, it is good to get out, meet friends and visit places, supposing we can walk without crying! Really loved hearing about the wildlife, little black Alaskan bear and salmon fishing (I eat Alaskan salmon, so does the bear, I suppose). Lots of love, xxx

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