A messy Sunday

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Saturday I had to dash back to town before 7 to get mom some glucose strips. I count what she has left and for some reason, she uses the items up. (Like this one, I was sure she had 5 nausea pill halves earlier today and by her bedtime, there were none left. Odd) Anyway, I could have let her use my test strips (I have let her use medical things of mine before), but when I called, the pharmacy said they had some of the over the counter strips behind the counter and I could purchase those. So, I did. (I tried to explain the odd costs to someone, but muddled it up. Maybe I’ll get it right here.) I know I mentioned this before, but it is so bizarre.  I purchased two boxes of 37 strips for just over $17 each. The box of 50 strips was just a bit more than $33. The box of 100 test strips was $147. I know I’m not good with numbers, but the pharmacist agreed (he was surprised!) that two boxes of 37 strips would be more efficient than one of 50. And two boxes of 50 would be less than one of the boxes of 100. I didn’t want that many, though.  Crazy???  Yes!

I came back home to see she’d moved the dishwasher and washed them. (drives me nuts how she loads the thing, but she says she needs to do it.) Sunday morning, she moaned and whimpered as she unloaded them. She said I didn’t need to do that for her when I suggested I’d do it after we got back from church. I’ve been keeping up on her pain pump bolus doses and she still seems to muck it up when I am not here. But, she’d rather do it by herself.

I did discover something cool and not cool on Saturday night. I was reading up on cancer and night sweating. The radiologist said the sweating was a classic ‘B’ symptom and was from the sloughing off of the dying cells. He didn’t seem to say this was actually killing the carcinoma in her abdomen. Mom thought it, though. I felt her optimism was uncertain,  researched it, and found something rather neat. The article was titled ‘How cell death shapes cancer’. (I forgot to see when it was published. I am going to try to find the place again and if so, I’ll ‘link’ it!) Anyway, I wish I knew about science and genetics and such. It was wondrously fascinating and now I know just barely enough to realise I am absolutely clueless. Basically, in one of the paragraphs, the article shared a hypothesis about how dying cells might cause the more aggressive ones to increase. Kind of like the dying ones slough off and are replaced by neighboring really bad boys. Sort of reminded me of an inner city mafia sort of situation. Not at all cool when it is in a body of a parent, but absolutely intriguing. Like a dingbat, I shared this with mom. Mom immediately found an old Time magazine with an article about cancer research and how advancements are being made to find cures. Except she won’t let me contact anyone to see about going further. The nurse didn’t seem to think it was a good idea and I couldn’t talk to just the doctor. I might try to call when the physician gets back from vacation. Mom said she’d ‘think’ about clinical trials.

She didn’t sleep well on Saturday night, she woke at 3 am and then went back to bed wtih oxygen around 5 for an hour. She was determined to attend church, though. I kind of got mad at her on the way in to town, though. She was telling me something and I finally said I felt what she was saying was gossip and didn’t want to know. She was greatly offended. She said if it is true and everyone knows it, it isn’t gossip. (insert eye roll!) I am so glad she’s not interested and has limited data for such things like a Twitter account…just imagine? YIKES!!!!!

Sunday I felt terrible. For some reason my jaw is starting to hurt again. I don’t understand this, the tooth in question hasn’t a root. How can it hurt???? Most of the temporary filling seems to be gone, too. I’ve been trying not to brush those particular teeth the last month, but the whole idea of not brushing is disgusting!!!! I do have a soft brush, I probably should have purchased a child’s one. I didn’t see anything online that suggested doing so. All the tech told me when they were finished was to not eat anything chewy for a while. I haven’t. Needless to say, I spent most of Sunday sleeping after taking Tylenol and ibuprofen. (I am almost out of the latter!) I didn’t even go to church with mom. I was there, dressed in a favorite skirt, and just listened from a different area. I was short with people (I mean temperamentally. I’m always short!) and hope I didn’t offend anyone.

I did go outside in the late evening and finish a book. I was half done with it and got a notice from the library that it was due on Tuesday. (It is done now!) I sat and took photos of the surviving ducks and of the 55 pictures, a few turned out ok. Not well, but ok! Mom was upset with me when I came back in around 830pm. It appears I was supposed to have made her dinner. I didn’t know this. I do recall around 620 pm I told her I’d get dinner in a while. (now, I realise this was ambiguous. It did sound like I was going to make dinner for the two of us. However, she has been getting her own meals and Saturday’s dinner was still in the fridge and she always asks if I have eaten. So, I was sure she’d already had her dinner, she fed the dog and had gone outside. I should have known better. Even her breakfast this morning wasn’t on time. The dog’s was, mom’s was not.)

Around 11pm I went back outside to catch the sunset from the yard. I also tried to take some photos of ducks again. The mosquitoes were ecstatic to find warm blood in shorts. I was very glad I had on a sweatshirt! The distance, the skeeters, and the setting sun made getting anything good difficult. I was really surprised when I loaded the photos on my laptop, though. One golden eye duckling looks as if it has a deformed bill. Unless it is just stuck on lake debris. Kids do tend to forget to wipe off their lips when they are eating.

I’m still not feeling very good and my tummy aches, too. Mom has appointments Mon and Tuesday (haircut on Tuesday when I will return library books!). I have dental ones on Thursday and Friday. Unless something happens, which I am sure it won’t. Cuz she is doing absolutely great. Really, she is.  I need to be thankful for her continued better than the normal pancreatic cancer patient health and remember to not respond to triggers of wanting in my own self.

But, I can’t help thinking of the Wells Fargo wagon and what might be in it for me. (what is one of your favorite musicals…I don’t have an actual favorite. I love them all!)

11 thoughts on “A messy Sunday

  1. Re; the test strip prices…. I’ve seen the same in grocery stores and many big box stores where vendors stock some items, the “Large economy” size very often isn’t the best buy but people buy it expecting it is….Reagan had it right…. trust but verify. It seems to be the new “gotchya!”

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  2. You had a rough day. Still you cope so well with sense & sensibility. Your mum’s cancer and you by her side is a blessing to your mum. You are a blessing. Chosen to take of your mum. Please take care of self too. ❤💛💜🐺🤗

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