I’ve been fairly good with my not food carb intake this week. I was not going to get any ice cream and then I got a phone call. But, I started in the middle. This isn’t an Oreo, I need to start at the beginning! (they make a lot of Oreos now, I think my all time favorite is Golden followed by the mint ones….)

Mom’s nurse came to visit early this morning and mom was having one of her better days. The nurse reminded her to not do things that might put her in danger. She also reminded mom to take her pain meds on time and not let them slide.

After she left, I called Sir Wrench. He suggested he’d call me later, if he was caught up. (he didn’t call.) While waiting, I napped and dinked around. Suddenly mom yelled at me that a bird was eating a duck on the pallets down by the kayak. (YIKES!) I ran upstairs with camera and binoculars and sure enough. A large grey bird with a freaking long tail was plucking a full grown duck while being watched by a great many ducks out on the lake. I took one bad photo from inside the house and noticed the duck moving. It was alive! (or I thought it might be) I knew the full grown duck was probably a mom and ducklings need moms to keep them safe, so I dashed out to see if I could scare the bird. I did. It calmly lifted the duck like it was nothing larger than a mouse and sailed off. The ducks on the lake scattered and all that was left were a bazillion feathers. I tried to identify it and think it may have been a goshawk. Unfortunately, most bird books show the underneath of the birds and we were looking down at it from the house. I wish I’d taken a better photo, but I was hell bent on saving a mommy!

IMG_7896 (3)

I finally left for town and didn’t get to house elf. I didn’t get the test strips I needed to get for mom (due to the fishing, much merchandise has flown off the store shelves!), I did get mine. I also found the past staring at me. I was walking past the clothing racks and a purple shirt jumped out at me. (it did!!! Purple does that!) I looked at the top and almost started laughing. Mom used to make shirts similar to that one when I was in Jr. High. They were called Angel Sleeve tops. This one seemed my size and was only $3, so I bought it. Mom thought it was hilarious. (It does fit, a trifle snug, but not bad. I am so going to look further into the Keto diet Julie has been using once I get back to my own kitchen and doctors! In retrospect…oh PUN!!! The snug fit might be cuz of the elastic around the bodice. Maybe I can get away without a bra with this one, too!)


I was in line at the store and the gal in front of me was a tad flustered. It turned out the person in the other lane was the Captain of The Time Bandit (everyone comes to our town to fish), I snapped his photo when he wasn’t looking when I was getting in my car. Over at Home Depot (I needed to get some suet) I parked next to another Time Bandit rig. I loved the hood ornament and since the lady inside was sleeping, I took a picture of that, too!

While at the first store, I noticed I’d gotten a call and it wasn’t a number in my phone. I get many of those related to mom and listened to the message. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to, but I called number. I expected this to happen, but it made me sad. After the nurse’s visit this morning and the stats mom’s got, it was decided to drop her from the Home Health roster. So, it is back on my shoulders exclusively again. At least until mom gets worse, which could be years. I’m glad she’s so healthy, but I wish it was enough so I could leave her alone and not worry.

I picked up meds for her and a few groceries and ice cream for me. (I wish I had some now. Even telling this story is depressing me! It is so nice to not be completely in charge of everything.) I called mom to see if she wanted something for dinner (she isn’t very hungry) and about the decision. She thought it was good that she’s not under the care of anyone and figures she can be perfectly fine all by herself. I laughed, hung up, and ate my ice cream. It lasted almost the entire drive home.


Once at the house, I filled the suet feeders. Those Downy woodpeckers were very glad! The young ones are learning to forage and mom had put out a part of a biscuit covered in peanut butter and sunflower seeds. (I would have thrown it in the bushes, but the dog would have found it) I went inside and learned mom had not kept up on her pain pump meds. She did take some oral ones. She also walked down to the lake and back. I’m surprised she didn’t take a shower. I told her she needed to be careful and she could fall and no one would know for ages (she will not wear her medic button). She insisted she would not fall and falling could happen anywhere, so maybe she should just not do anything. (yes, she said that!) I told her I wasn’t responsible for her activities, but it would be helpful if she used caution. She blew me off.

I kept up on her pump meds til I dropped into a nap. I’d talked to The Craftsman who enjoyed his birthday present and tried to sit outside to watch the stars,, but ended up only watching the insides of his eyelids. I finally got mom to bed and am now listening to the raindrops in the chimney of the bad woodstove. I’m cold and would love to fire it up, but when I think maybe I will, I remember what Little Bear said and don’t do it. Fires are very scary. And I’m in the basement with no egress other than the stairs. NOTE: Because of the rain, I may not be able to be online….

OK< am back, finally!!! Also adding a photo from a previous post. Because mail is so much fun!!!!


I found this great song and listened to it on YouTube. I wanted to share it. I love how erotic and romantic it is. The lyrics are more about the woman being God in a relationship than some sort of spiritual thing. Although, there is that, too. But, our society being what it is, it stirs up the populace. I liked she said it was art and art is supposed to stir up people. (Or at least, I think that is what she said!) What do you think?

8 thoughts on “Piffle!!!!!

  1. Love your new shirt! I love oreos. Just the original! and the ice cream sandwiches. Oh my word reese peices made a peanut butter cup ice cream sandwich! I love it! Now I want one!
    I watched a youtube video of a pelican swallowing a duck whole! I thought I was going to have nightmares! horrible!
    I havent seen Ariana Grande’s new video but I am obsessed with her “no tears” song. I love it!


  2. I think the shirt is very cute! I love Arctic Zero ice cream and it’s 35 calories per half cup! Don’t forget to talk to your doctor about keto first! My aunt was told she can’t do it until she keeps her numbers down for a while (he didn’t give a specific time frame).

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  3. $3 for a shirt that sits nicely on you! Very nice! Good of you to rescue the mother bird. Good luck on your keto diet after discussing with your doctor. Julie is really good at it. I might try it to lose 20kg then I will be drop dead gorgeous babe! Lol! Ya right🙄can you hear my own sarcastic laugh. 😂

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  4. Ah Kris, I think you have a stoic streak. I feel you want your life back, but of course your Mom needs you (even if she doesn’t thinks so). Hang in there… that $3.00 shirt top looks nice on you. It does a person good to reward themselves. 🌞

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