Twister Tuesday

Twister Tuesday is what I think today should have been called. (and not the fun game with dots on plastic). I’m so tired and achy, I think even my toenails are worn out!


I couldn’t go back to sleep after getting ready to leave this morning. I tried and almost dropped off when mom walked to the stairs (I was surprised she did that!) to moan/speak a question about our departure time. Since I was awake, I had talked to the nurses again and told them mom hadn’t gone to the hospital. They suggested I call her primary doctor person. So, I did. At the clinic with the pain doctor (she increased the doses again and mom did NOT tell her the meds weren’t doing as much as they hoped.), it was discovered mom had a slight temp. Now, normally this isn’t anything to wonder about. In mom, who is rather ill and has perfect stats, this was odd. They contacted mom’s primary (or said they would) and I made an appointment on the spot for her.

One of the strange things that happened was mom was given a script for the medicine Ambien again. The doctor said she did not like that med, she would not prescribe it, but mom’s body was used to it and taking it away and replacing it might be harsher on her than keeping it. YIKES!!!!!

Since the new appointment was ages away, we went into town and ate lunch and I took a book back to the library for her. Mum didn’t eat much, but no matter. We arrived at the appointment a bit early (in spite of stopping in the busy town for mom’s favorite orange cinnamon bread—I got an apple fritter and will post a pic later!) and eventually mom was seen. Her temp was normal this time, her pee test was ok, she is not dehydrated, and so they ordered bloodwork and an xray. She can do the blood on Thursday before the other two appointments. The xray, her physician wanted that NOW.

At the hospital the corridors were a long and winding way due to construction. (I think the whole borough is under construction!!!) Mom managed, but it was rough going. She finished and SSC came in for testing. SSC looked uncomfortable in a hurting way and mom looked grey. I was worried to bits between them!!!

We finally got home and mom is sleeping. She’s absolutely exhausted, unless you ask her! She says she just a little tired. I know she doesn’t feel good and is tired, she allowed me to touch her several times. Just on her shoulder or her leg, but she almost always brushes me off, so I found this a success. I did overhear her tell someone today, ‘I’m glad I wasn’t by myself.’ As for me, I had an apple fritter and should mow the yard, but am seriously thinking of a nap while I listen for phone calls about mom.


5 thoughts on “Twister Tuesday

    • Being a long ways away is horrible. When I was in Oregon, I worried all the time! Which is why I came back almost two years ago. I’m fortunate to be able to do what I am doing. (most of the time I feel fortunate….)

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