Random odditites

I’ve been just hanging around the house the last few days. Mostly cuz with the car acting uncertain, I’m not sure about the consequences of driving it.

Mum did manage to get to church this week. She was wiped out after, though. (of course) I can’t seem to make anything she wants to eat. Sunday she ate very little and has lost a couple of pounds. I was glad the doctor told her to take her nausea pills if she feels like she’s going to be sick. If mom thinks the pills make her sleepy, she was told to take the second Ritalin tablet. Hopefully, next week, mom will tell the doctor plainly how much pain she’s in. She hurts so much, I hate to watch her. I sit in the basement and hear her whimpering and whining and hurting and ask if she needs help. She rarely does.

I got out onto the lake a couple of times. It was really nice, almost 70 F! The best thing that happened so far, though, was seeing my friend from my teen years. Hopefully, we’ll have a chance to meet again before she flies back to CA. Perhaps I’ll get to see her older brother, too. I was able to talk to the older kid a couple of times (he just turned 29…I can’t imagine having a child that old! No wonder I’m getting wrinkly!!!) and the younger one once. (Hoping he went to the house fire last night, I’m afraid he might have been playing up in the mountains!)

On Strider’s birthday, I had a chance to watch an airshow. OK, I thought at first it was a plane in distress, but it appeared it was a plane practicing for something. Lots of loops and dives and rolls. I couldn’t imagine being inside it, but it was great to watch from the shore of the lake! On the fourth mom started to think she’d be able to do the parade, but at the last minute, she opted out. I leveled out the pallets on the tires in the lake. They are more of a dock now and will not tip over if something heavier than a mallard sits on them.

I have also been thinking about and doing some exercise. It started before I did the basic engineering feat with the pallets. Mom gave me some tank tops and since they were  larges, I figured they’d be ok. The pink one was way tight and the blue one? I thought I was going to need help to get out of it!!!!! Some things should not be made of spandex and have more than one piece sewn into the clothing! I am positive I used up several calories in extricating myself from that particular top! In the kayak (when I wasn’t reading) I felt my poor tummy muscles getting worked on. I also discovered my breasts are starting to lose their shape and sort of resemble partially empty bags. I was horrified and discovered a site for firming up the girls. Of all the methods, my favorite was the one where you are told to tenderly massage oils into the breast. (I wondered if the directions were for a chicken getting ready for the oven.…)

I’m going to leave you with one of my favorite silly songs. A silly song with a bit of truth in it! Enjoy-


22 thoughts on “Random odditites

  1. The pictures are great of you! You look good so I can’t imagine the large wouldn’t fit.
    Let me know if those home remedies work. I looked at a few of them and it grossed me out thinking of rubbing any of that on me!

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