The Stuff of Life


In one of the best books ever written (if you like science fiction!), ‘Alas, Babylon’, the main characters who live in Florida need to survive a nuclear attack. They have to do most everything old school (Ok, that is sort of ambiguous. The book was written in the late 60s/early 70s when old school meant pioneer like. Today ‘old school’ is probably using dial up internet and a flip phone!). At any rate, I’ve had a couple of experiences which remind me of that book. I’ll start with the oldest and one I am most proud of.

I needed to purchase gas and put it in a gas can. I know, this seems sort of silly, but I’ve never done this before! Shoot, before I came back home in 2016, I had not put gas in my car from a gas station pump (dad had a giant tank in the yard and we filled the cars from there when I was in school and Oregon, at that time, didn’t let the customer pump their own gas.). I had to ask someone for help and advice. TnT came to the rescue, gave me tips on what to do with the stuff left in the can from years past and empowered me to know I wasn’t an idiot for asking and wouldn’t need to ask for physical assistance at the station. I also was very thankful I didn’t fill the container full. (I had forgotten how heavy 5 gallons was!) In ‘Alas, Babylon’ gas containers were a needed norm and I would have been a useful citizen.

Something super fun happened even later. I was sharing this experience with SSC and he told me about working out on the oil rigs in Cook Inlet. I really need to not just sit amazed when I’m told these stories. I should make notes! If you remember that movie with John Wayne called ‘Hellfighters’, it apparently was fairly realistic. Fires can start with the drop of a match.

IMG_7385 (2)

(UGH! This did not happen in the book. Mom just ordered over 200$ worth of clothes from a favorite catalog. I think it would have been less stressful for me to let her to shop at Walmart. And she must be feeling a lot better. I laughed, though. She mentioned something about getting rid of too many things. She HAS tons of clothes in her room in small sizes and she hasn’t worn them. Probably cuz she can’t find them.)

One of the most impactful scenes, in the aforementioned book, concerned a woman with Diabetes. In the book, her insulin over heated and she died. The other characters considered her a causality of the war, because once the medicine was gone, so was she. This was brought home to me today and I was angry and sad.

Being a person with Diabetes is horrible. (I don’t like the word ‘Diabetic’. I am not my disease, it is a part of me, but it does not define me…I might have written about that somewhere in here once before!) Diabetes is so different in each person, it wreaks havoc in teeth and nerves and pretty much most every other body part. It has a lot of numbers involved and I do not like those! I was struck by a comment Gary made in a previous post. He mentioned glucose levels were marked higher in the US, so even from country to country, Diabetes is different. (note: I understand how the United States likes being different. I get how The US enjoys not following the path of everyone else, but really! Numbers are a language the whole world gets, clocks are, for the most part, the same in China as in Nevada. So, why cannot the United States get on board and do measurements the same way as everyone else? Granted, math sucks, but it is really more logical to mark things the same.) Diabetes changes from doctor visit to doctor visit. Methods of managing this disease change in months (I follow a couple of Diabetes blogs and the information and stress is in equal measure in many spots.). Insurances make things difficult in a big way.

And this is what I ran into on Tuesday. I used to get 4 bottles of Humalog insulin every two months. Now, I get 3 to last 88 days. Lately, I’ve been taking more insulin than prescribed. I am supposed to take one unit of insulin for 5 carbs and sliding scale for the blood sugar. So, if my glucose is 154 and I am going to eat 48 carbs for dinner, I divide and subtract and I think the amount of insulin I need works out to be: 11.  (I don’t like math. I first subtract 130 from 154 because the 130 is my target glucose. That number is 24 and I divide that by 20. So, about 1 unit of insulin. I then take the carbs and divide by 5, which is about 10. So, I take 11 units of insulin. EXCEPT, I’m pretty sure things have changed since that plan in 2015!) I also take an extra shot at 4 am or just before bed, if my glucose is over 130. If not, it tends to get higher in just a couple of hours. At any rate, I am units from running out of Humalog insulin. The pharmacy doesn’t have any in stock and needs to order it. It will be in by Wednesday afternoon.

Once, I was the program director for a Cub Scout Day Camp MILES from home and I had forgotten my insulin. I was really careful and didn’t eat much that day and it was ok. I was younger and it was only a few hours. I almost always am aware of when I need to get insulin and I’m not sure why this one isn’t on auto refill. I may look into that on the morrow! In fact, the lovely pharmacist lady was also surprised I was on the edge of running out. And oddly, this is a medicine you cannot purchase without a script. Mom’s almost run out, but I haven’t. I think I’ve been too involved in mom to pay close attention to what I am doing. (Silly Kris!)

I had to laugh about another cool thing that happened on Monday. I had looked at the calendar and realized I had 6 days of nothing to do with mom. (Ok, that wasn’t worded right. I had 6 days where I didn’t need to take mom anywhere!) I looked into plane tickets and for over 800$, I could fly to Oregon for 6 days and return in time for mom’s surgery. I didn’t buy the ticket, I figured I’d give the plan 24 hours to percolate. While talking to SSC, I remembered mom DID have an appointment coming up in those days. The pre-op for her carpal tunnel surgery. I really really want to be there when the doctor looks her over. (his assistant was the one who planned for mom’s surgery) Plus, I am not sure how she’s going to react to this week’s change in the saturation of the meds in her pain pump. So, what was cool? I had a tentative plan, but needed confirmation as to if it was a good idea or not. I got the answer and besides, I really didn’t want to spend that kind of cash in one fell swoop and make extensive plans for mom’s ‘care’ while I was gone.

I also opened up a bill from the awesome place in the big city. And that pump contraption? It was 16 grand, not counting the surgery! My mum is a walking money pit. Ok, she’s not a pit, exactly. She is alive and does feel moderately better because of the surgery last spring for her left hand, the removal of the rest of her teeth, the making of new teeth, her new glasses, and this next surgery is supposed to help, as well. Not to mention the PET and CAT scans she’s had and the money spent every other week for fittings and bags for that ileostomy. She is a very fortunate woman to have the cash to do what is needed and/or wanted.

Money, insulin, clothing, travel, needs and desires. These are all the stuff of life. And so are glowing ducklings, which are less in number today thanks to the eagles and loon!


Saving Lives

You don’t need to be a first responder or a health professional to save someone’s life. More often you are just a normal person living your everyday life. This happened to me today. I’ve had many experiences since my last post, but this one surpasses them all, because I’m alive. (I’m also writing this on my iPad because it’s near me and I’m too tired to walk to the laptop yet. Like Jack, I much prefer the keyboard. I reckon I’m old school in some respects!) I’ve had this sort of rescue before, but not in a long while.
By now, most of my followers know I have some health issues. They often cause annoyances in my life. I have trouble getting in and (especially) out of the kayak, my right leg often goes numb and aches, shoes usually hurt my feet, my eyesight is wonky now and then, I use syringes in public, and deal with other things caused by MS and or being a person with Diabetes. Living as a caretaker drops its own trying situations in my lap. And there in lies the germ of this incident.
I had been outside a good deal on Saturday. Ended up running errands twice for mom (she decided after I’d already done some errands, she needed more cracked corn for the ducks), was in the kayak chasing the beautiful assassin loon, and cleaned up the mess of soil mum made in the shop.
(And I just changed my keyboard on my iPad, so now I have to figure out how to put it back…half the letters are on the left, the others are on the right. Odd, you just pushed them together with your fingers, but it’s still in the wrong place. I should have waited til I felt better and used a real keyboard! Technology is so frustrating!)
Anyway, I did a great many outside things, so was tired. But, I also wanted a shower. I don’t like showering when mum’s awake. She gets disgruntled with longer ones and it’s less stressful for me if she’s sleeping with her oxygen on, because I know where she is! So, I stayed up rather late again. Four am, until it was time to get mum up to empty her waste bag. I had a low glucose about 230 am, so had too many carbs. I didn’t check my blood at 4. I should have. I woke again around 930 to look in on her, but she had been up and was sleeping again. She had expressed interest in attending church, but I opted not to wake her. (She’d had a pain pill and bolus and looked like she needed sleep.)
I had checked my own glucose and it was higher than I wished so, took some insulin. I don’t normally eat anything before noon, but I was sure I’d be ok. I had been given a chance to attend a barbecue and at about 1130, I texted my friend and said I’d be staying home today with mum. It was almost lunchtime, but for some stupid reason I plopped onto my bed and FELL ASLEEP! At 1, my friend texted me back. The ping woke me up and I was disoriented and confused. I was sweaty and (because I was confused, got dressed in clothes like I was going somewhere and not just staying home to dink around.) when I checked my glucose. It was 54.
I got some sugar, lunch, and texted my friend a thank you. Now, I’ve got a headache. However, I’m alive to get one. And I’m entirely grateful.


Wednesday held a rather good afternoon. Til I went shopping for new shoes. Ugh. I do NOT like shopping. I finally bought a pair of Nike shoes. (I think I’ve only had one other pair in my life. I always wanted the white ones with the red swoosh, but not being a cheerleader or having enough pennies, I ordered my shoes from Sears!) I was a bit nervous to pay so much for sneakers, but I had two gift cards and now they are gone! Earlier in the afternoon, I had the chance to see Deadpool 2 and laughed and almost cried because of sad bits and laughed more. I even got to attend the movie with someone else! My friend from Kindergarten, Sir E, met me for lunch and then we went to see the movie. I discovered something, too. Watching a movie with someone is much better than going alone. (although, I will go by myself if no one else is able to go with me. I still need to see Solo. Probably an evening show instead of afternoon.) I was very impressed my friend didn’t mind my laughing so much. (Sometimes I can bother people.) I also bought a book of Alaskan cartoons for my friend who retired from being a youth pastor. The strip is published in the local paper in Eastern Oregon, but a whole book is nice to have around. I realized anew that buying books is way more interesting than shoes. (although, this is a fun shoe post!!!!!)

I’ve been thinking on and off about a post Ray not Bradbury wrote about sharing a new author.  (I can’t find the particular post, I know she shared it. I’m pretty sure it was her. Probably!) I stumbled upon a new to me author I really like and I’m not even sure why! This author writes about people in a time of magic, but not entirely. Magic is used for making fireworks and healing as well as other more well, magical stuff. But, by and large, it is a minute part of the two books in this couplet. I don’t know much about her, I am confused in a good way by her writing. I had an idea of what might happen and now she’s making the very bad bad guy into someone who seems like he’s not as bad as he really is or was. (But, he has to be!) She tosses random bits in the paragraphs that seem like they could have been edited out. For instance, when the main characters were running from another bad guy a woman who was pregnant was with them. At one point the horses were stopped and the woman, out of nowhere, mentions that since they are stopped she’s going to pee. And then there was an odd five or six paragraph scene with one of the good female characters who is possessed (sort of) and is talking and walking with a ghul. In the conversation about power, the woman (who is also pregnant!) says, ‘And yet we bind these ancient powers.” The response was this ‘Another silence followed, not so long this time. At the end of it, the ghul simply sighed, and said: “Do we?”  The horrible creature is showing humanity. One of the quotes I shared on FB from the first novel I really liked, “It wasn’t actually the differences between tribes that caused wars. It was the ways in which all people were alike.” This is, I think, why I keep reading. The author knows people and the twists and turns in life and survival. Elizabeth Bear and ‘Range of Ghosts’ and ‘Shattered Pillars.’


One of the odd things this week was a ‘test’ the nurse gave mum. It was called SLUMS. I took it and it was very hard. Mostly because math hurts my brain and I could not visualize numbers backwards. (I mean really, most of them are backwards already! How can I remember to say them from back to front if I have trouble with them from front to back?????) I also wasn’t exactly sure where Chicago was. I know it is in the Midwest, yet I grew up in Alaska and anything not in Alaska wasn’t important! So, yeah, I scored ok, but not entirely as well as I should have. Mum, however, scored a 21. Thankfully, today was a good day for her and I’m pretty sure that is why her score was higher than we thought it might be. Although, the nurse is concerned. (If you look at the link, you will see the test and scoring)

The pain doctor changed mom’s meds a bit. Instead of mum taking 2 of 5-325’s every 4 hours, now she has mom taking 1 of 10 every 6 hours. The dosage in her pump was also increased in both the amount she’s getting constantly as well as the stuff she can give herself. Next week should be interesting. The pump will be refilled with a stronger concentration of the meds and we were told there might be some difficulties for about 24 hours til the pump lines catch up with the new increase. While at the office I noticed some cute condoms. (I’d have taken one if mom hadn’t been next to me!)


Mum wanted to go to a community baseball game Thursday night. It was sunny and breezy. She made it through almost 5 innings before she got up to leave. She said she had a charley horse and headed to the car (the keys were in my pocket!). She was in a great deal of pain from her abdominal tumor, too. I got the car unlocked and turned on, gave her a pain pill and dashed off for a few  minutes to talk to  a son of one of mom’s best friends. (He had stopped earlier and spoke to us, I wanted to update him a bit more.)  When the son hugged mom, he was surprised at how frail she felt. But, he did say she was pretty alert. (I agreed, but he didn’t talk to her for very long.)

The craziest thing was one of those ‘on this day so many years ago you posted this’ on FB. In 2014 mom and I went on a cruise to look at whales (didn’t see very many) and glaciers. This photo came up on my newsfeed. I wanted to take one of the two of us at the game Thursday evening to compare, but didn’t. I do think she is right that I’ve gained all she’s lost!


Haven’t talked to The Craftsman for a few days. Usually I get the solitary night time texts. I usually ramble on in texts after he sends his goodnight. I reckon he reads them in the morning! I mentioned a couple of times how I hoped to talk to him, I really wanted to go to the dentist next week. But, I need to make sure there is money in the account before I make an appointment.  And hope the card doesn’t freeze if I take too much at once! He usually makes sure to call on the weekend, so I will talk to him then. (I don’t call often because I don’t want to bother him when he’s so busy. You may recall, I hate being a bother!) The eldest sent me a video of him releasing baby ground hogs back into the wild. He was dropping posts into holes and stopped just in time. In the steep and deep hole were two baby ground hogs! (they are ‘vermin’ in VA) He had no idea how they got into the hole, but sent them back out into the world the next day. He mentioned he saw parents lurking, but it was still rather cute. (I recall when he was in HS, he helped a wildlife rehab person catch a lame and blind bobcat that was in the neighborhood. I love my boys!) Little Bear often finds bugs to adopt, Strider brings home critters with fur and feathers.

I’ve also run into other encouraging lights along the way. Rhapsody is once again having ME as her person of interest this week. I’m floored and honored. That happens on Friday. (Or Thursday as she’s across the world from Alaska, yup. It’s up! I need tissues.) G has shared some fascinating thoughts with me and dropped a seed for a post on conflict. TnT is laid up, but has brought me laughter and help via our technology. Podman ALWAYS makes me smile and think when he sends random and not so random notes of interest. One of the mallards has finally showed her babies. I think she’s smarter than she was last year. This time she brought up larger toddler babies to snack on cracked corn, instead of the itty bitty balls of yellow. (Although, that means they are bigger bites for the eagle.) They are still incredibly cute!

Have I mentioned, it is a wonderful world out there? (photo by Little Bear, of course!)


Nap Attack Cat Nips

Way down deep, we’re all motivated by the same urges. Cats have the courage to live by them. ~Jim Davis


If there is one thing I’ve learned about cats it is they can sleep almost anywhere at any time. It is also no surprise our household owns weapons of all kinds. On the door there used to be a sign that read ‘Our house protected by attack cats.’ However, we removed it because our cats are most antagonistic towards other cats or birds and rodents. (I got one of my most severe injuries from Moses when I was trying to get him away from Kila. It was soon after Kila moved into the family and there was definite feline frustration on all sides!)

I much prefer a relative tidy house and well behaved creatures. Most of the time, the cats didn’t fall into the latter scheme of things. They almost always went for the former, though. One night, after Little Bear had been out shooting defenseless paper targets, he took his gun out of the case to clean it. For some unknown reason he left the soft case on the floor and Kila found it was a perfect spot for a nap. Because he’s a cat, no one bothered him. Even sleeping he was an armed and dangerous hungry feline!

The Lighter Side

Let me back up and start with the brighter side of life. (Incidentally, my youngest was able to perform with Eric Idle as a part of a concert band. Eric’s daughter was graduating from college, Little Bear  used to be a part of a community college band who always played for that particular college’s graduations. Cool stuff!)

Saturday was lovely. Lots of sunshine and I read and fixed my benches (two of them) and had a grand time. I wore a tube top, which is probably the most ridiculous item of clothing ever invented. They are a wardrobe malfunction just waiting to happen. Whether or not you wear a tube top bra underneath or not. I keep the thing around for a couple of reasons. Both of them are to make sure I don’t end up with strap marks from tank tops. I wore it with a pair of tiny black shorts which covered much better when worn for Rocky Horror Picture Show with black glitter leggings! No matter, I also had a large men’s button up dress shirt to hide it all if I went where people might be.

I’ll never forget the 80s and tube tops. I was a firmer person back then, but still a moderate size. Tube tops were made of all kinds of stretchy things and worn by almost everyone I knew. (I even had uncomfortable bras for the things) The summer I worked as a YiCC (Youth Conservation Corps), I learned all kinds of not found in schoolbooks sorts of things. One of them was how important a pair of breasts were around most anyone. They, quite literally, can stop action in a second. Well, one of the areas we were working was also a swimming dock. We showed up to work one hot day and met kids from other schools and places dressed in a variety of abbreviated wear. Horseplay ensued and one of the more endowed gals was pushed into the river. When she pulled herself back up on the dock the force of the water pulled her tube top down, exposing all of her womanly glory for what was probably less than seconds. It was long enough! Sobered up everyone right quick and I’m sure brought many a story to the tents later that evening. It gave me a lesson, too. Tube tops are not safe items of clothing!

The rest of Saturday was fairly uneventful, except for the phone call mom got from her sister. It was a long wandering call on mom’s end. Later, I texted my relations and told them a bit about mom’s memory lapses. My aunt responded that they’d had a GREAT phone call. (which goes to show, I’m making everything up.) Later, I had a horrible tummy ache (probably too much popcorn and stress!) and was overheated while trying to sleep (probably the sunshine). I slept worse than badly and then mom let out the dog and forgot about the cow moose in the yard.

IMG_7730 (2)

Mum, thankfully, didn’t want to go to church in the morning and we lazed the day away. By evening, mom was up and about and decided she needed to plant some of the plants she’d chosen a while back. The moose was also back and so the dog had to stay inside while mom was outside. Obi was not a happy little doxie. I went out and took some photos, but she moved fast and I finally came inside where it was safer. I stayed up late and tried to order something online, but the site said I wasn’t in a place they could deliver my item to. (probably cuz the store was closed. I have had that happen before. I’ll try when it is open) I still had my tummy ache and finally dropped off to sleep.  I also was up at 430 with her. I was going to let her sleep til 5, because she went to her bed around 130 am, but she woke up anyway. (stunning sunrise!)


Then it was Monday. I wanted to be out of the house by 830 but overslept. I finally left and she wanted me to pick up more coffee. (She has stopped drinking the percolator stuff and is now drinking this powder that is supposed to be 3 TB per serving. Mum uses giant cups and doubles everything. So, the 17 servings in the little can are barely 8.) I was going to elf because my friend had been gone almost a week. I had been hoping to get there earlier or even overnight. NOT. When I arrived at the house, I smelled coffee! (it was a coffee kind of morning!) No one was there, but it turns out he HAD been there and already left. (I was thankful, it is hard to be invisible if you are in plain sight!) I did a tiny bit of tidying here and there, but didn’t vacuum. I’ll do that next time. (at least the most used areas were not very mussed cuz he’d been gone so long!)  I got to the local Walmart and thought I’d see about that book marker gift card. Well, it was a bookmark. It appears it had $1.84 on it!!!!!  The coffees mom likes only had one flavor and things were moved. She wanted more soil and what they had was wet and heavy and close to the ground, I could NOT lift the damn things and so opted to get a more expensive smaller bag at Home Depot. I could not find the container of licorice she wanted me to get. My legs were so sore today and I wanted to cry because I was sure she would be disappointed in me. I got ice cream and ate it in the car in the parking lot. However, even that was almost a fiasco. My spoon broke and I dropped my open ice cream on the gear shifter area of the car. (thankfully, I had another spoon and it was still hard enough to not leave much melted ice cream anywhere) At Home Depot, there was a customer in front of me with three carts of plants and a check they needed better ID for, so the lady had to call her dad and get it by phone. The Safeway store had finally dropped their diet cola prices back to normal, I got a Diet Pepsi anyway.

Once home, I discovered Mum had her laptop on. She’s not had this on in more than a year. However, she said someone had called and told her it was sending windows information that it needed updated or something. They would call back in an hour. They did and I answered. I was told even if the computer was off and not online it would still pick up unwanted files and need updated. So, they were calling to remind mom of this and tell her how to do it. I was so annoyed, I hung up. (And mom turned off her laptop after it finished doing whatever it was it was doing.) Then, I find out Medicare has sent out new cards and they are VERY different. After the computer discrepancy, I wanted to verify this was really a Medicare thing. It looked VERY real, so I called. (all the numbers were the same on both cards to call, mom’s id number was not.) Turns out it is accurate, but they wouldn’t give me much information because I’m not mom. That’s ok, I just wanted to make sure it was real. The doctor’s office mom is going to tomorrow called, they wanted mom’s insurance information. So, I was glad I got this sorted! I also discovered, though, the hair appointments are about 15 min too early. I’ll need to call them and see about moving them down a smidge. I also learned this evening cavities are contagious AND can cause tummy aches. I’m researching dentists to visit on Wednesday. I also found out on FB that the youth minister in the church I am a part of in Oregon retired this weekend. He and I worked with the youth for several years and I had no idea he was leaving. No one told me.

I did get a few texts and messages from dear ones and a new duck showed up to snack with the mallards. This is the first time this duck has come up to the cracked corn mom puts out. (Mom and I were more excited than the mallards!) This is the Wigeon male we saw a few weeks ago. I finished a very odd fantasy book by a new author this weekend (Elizabeth Bear). I picked up one more tire from the abandoned area I found the first one in (oddly, someone else had been there. Instead of 3 there were 2!) and I might go out and watch the sunset again. It is pretty breezy, but I really don’t care! I was just darn glad I didn’t get pulled over for speeding today. I might have cried on the officer’s shoulder!

IMG_7739 (2)

Level or not

I like to do easy projects. Little Bear and Strider often turn easy projects into hard ones, their dad (thankfully) is a bit less complicated. Although, he prefers to do projects all by himself. At any rate, in my sojourn with mum, I have wanted to sit while down by the lake or next to the house. (When I took photos of the eagle last summer, I was on the grass before I trekked down to stand right underneath him.) One summer I had found a board I remember my dad making something out of submerged in the water. I balanced it on the moss, found it a bit precarious for seating, and finally used it elsewhere. Needless to say, I wanted something simple. I opted for the ease of concrete cinder blocks and a board. I realized I needed to add rectangular paving stones because it wasn’t quite right for this short person. (I think I mentioned this in my last post) Then, I remembered something else. I’m not very good with making things level. I can tell if it is off, but trying to figure out what side needs highered or lowered is a pain in the butt! (I almost never get it right unless it is by accident!) I sent the first photo out and the Captain responded with ‘some photo editors have ‘straighten’ tools to fix….the photo.’ I laughed. And used the editing tool on my laptop, which only fixed the photo! (maybe I should go out and look…….)

The bench on the lakefront is a bit better. I did notice it has a tendency to lean backwards. Not really a problem, it is firmly tilted, helps me to sit up straight, and helps me keep my feet properly on the ground. I am not adding a photo of the blocks for the third bench. Those are seriously out of line, but will be tons easier to remedy. The ground there is sandy and loose. I’ll probably work on it tomorrow.

Friday was a lovely day. My physical self was sort of sore (especially after walking around Home Depot looking for something), but my soul was more content. Mum was really ‘off’ today (scared me once, when I couldn’t wake her easily) and didn’t want to go to the yearly Relay for Life shinding she almost always attends. (I don’t think we went last year either) However, she wasn’t mean today and wonderful nice bits crowded out the frustrations (thank you TnT).

I was going to get some cheap test strips for myself and since that store was out of them, I decided not to do any shopping there. When I left the building, I remembered I had forgotten I was going to get extra money when I paid for my purchases to get kettle corn (I love that stuff. For so many reasons). I went up to the vendor to laugh and tell them I’d not be able to get any today and they had one of those fancy little adapters for cell phones and debit cards. So, I got two large bags for 10$. YUMMY!!! Happy happy happy. Then, I went to get my cinder block tops and a pot for one of mom’s plants and a pair of gloves. Frustration. Gloves. (I’m still peeved!!!) Do you know that work gloves come in small, medium, large, a variety of extra larges, and WOMENS? I was so annoyed. Do my hands have hips? Do my hands need extra room in the heel? No. My hands are just small. Gloves should not have gender. And the lady gloves didn’t fit me anyway! I walked back and forth from garden to hardware to find a pair of gloves to use with the kayak. The garden area has a fancy box for gloves in ridiculous prints that were not anywhere close to what I needed. I finally opted for a more expensive pair than I wanted and the yellow piping is sort of blatant. (note: Uses do not include kayaks, but I think it will be ok). I will like the touchscreen fingertip. I do hate to remove my gloves to take photos with my cell phone.

Then, I picked up a ton of groceries. Mum wanted licorice (she ate several pieces after I got home and could NOT understand why her glucose was high. She sampled a great many of the things I bought.) and ice cream (I didn’t get any ice cream for myself, I had kettle popcorn!). The annoying part was at the pharmacy. Medicare now has this new quirk where you need to show your id to pick up things like test strips. And the store has this itty bitt tiny screen to print and sign your name on. Plus, since I got mom strips, the new CGM will have to wait til next month because I forgot it was June 1 when I got the darn things and Medicare will snort if they see mom getting TWO glucose things in one month.

I finally was able to go to the library to see if I could get the gift card I found in the book I’d read to the owner and found out it wasn’t possible. I was so disappointed. No one reported it lost, privacy rules have made it so you can’t see who last checked out a book (not even the staff at the library!), and so I had to keep it. I’ll see what is on it and if it is usable. (I need some new panties, anyway-) And the little snowman is so darn cute! It needs to become a magnet. I toyed with posting it on FB, but realized EVERYONE might decide they read the book and lost the gift card. (I had thought about having a report on the book for proof or reading, but you can google anything these days.) Oh well. I did try. I was also frustrated because I had forgotten one of the books I was turning in was mom’s and didn’t count in my 4 books cuz I had one at home. So, I could not check out ‘Alas, Babylon’ which I know by heart anyway. (One of my very favorite science fiction stories, even if I can’t recall the author at the moment!)

I got home and ate dinner outside on the uneven bench and then went down to the lake to read in the sunshine for a while. I was starting to hurt a lot (my feet and legs) and came inside for a bit where I texted and messaged a few persons before heading out to the beach to watch the last of the sunset after 10pm. I do love this place!!!!!!!!!