Fishing Cat Nips

The gods do not deduct from man’s allotted span the hours spent in fishing.  ~Babylonian Proverb


For the boys, fishing is as normal as reading or hunting or breathing. They take after my mom and The Craftsman’s dad. They also absolutely love Chad Carpenter and his Tundra comics. Thankfully, everyone in the family is too fond of felines to allow these sorts of shenanigans to take place!!!

One of the crazier kinds of fish the kids have caught are catfish. I remember one afternoon, the boys left their cooler full of live fish on the porch (they aren’t very big) and Moses heard thumps coming from it. He wanted to investigate and was seriously surprised when I opened up the container and he discovered what was inside. (I did take photos, I can’t find them, though. Piffle!)

Recently, the guys decided to clean out our pond in the yard. (NO ONE on DIY shows ever tells you how much work these things are after a month. Ours happens to be under several trees and used to have a pond with a ‘creek’. The end of the creek was where the water collected to be shuttled back into the pond where it cycled all over again. That plan lasted one season before we opted to make it a pond with a dry creek. Not as much fun, but tons easier to keep clean.) Little Bear is always adding cats to the pond and the cats almost always jump out and die on the sod overnight. This particular afternoon, their hands were deep in the muck and a yell came from one of them. Something was alive down there! Turns out two cats managed to survive living in a murky shallow pond over the winter. We named them Levi (Leviathan) and Fred (I think that was the name Little Bear chose…).

Little Bear enjoys going out late at night with scraps of meat and a flashlight to feed them. Moses generally watches.

7 thoughts on “Fishing Cat Nips

  1. I did some fishing as a kid with a bamboo pole! As a parent I decided to introduce fishing to my daughter. She loved it. We got official poles with reels and we dug up worms from the back yard. I can’t remember if caught anything but it was the ritual of getting every, being out near the water and casting. What fun!

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  2. I’m pretty sure it was a catfish that nearly had my dad’s thumb off, many, many years ago, when he tried to get the hook out. I like fishing with string tied to a stick, no hooks, I don’t like to catch anything.

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