Long night ahead?

Just a note to say it might be a long night for Shadow Girl in the basement at her mom’s. Mum’s different. I say this fairly often, I think she wore herself out today.

This morning I picked up my niece and she was here for a couple of hours. I had her help me with a 70’s style ceiling light in mom’s room. The bulbs were both out and changing it took more than two hands. (the base was glass and needed held in place as a tiny screw was turned in the middle of it to hold it in place, covering the bulbs. Mom has lots of old lights like these and they make me nervous, I don’t want to drop one!) Mom was busy with her for that time and then, they left! I didn’t hear them leave and they didn’t yell goodbye. I was in the basement washing clothes.

Later this evening, I finally knew I needed to go shopping, so I did. Before I left, I made dinner and mom had a glucose of 457. I reminded her to keep an eye on it as it came down (she drops fairly quickly with just a smidge of insulin). When I arrived home, much later, mom said she needed an Ensure. I assumed she drank it and finished putting things away. I went in the living room and she was asleep and hadn’t opened it yet. I did that and noticed she had a plastic bag in her palm from something she had eaten. (I also noticed there were a great many pieces of licorice gone from the container I bought a couple of weeks ago.) I watched her drink it and she was really out of it. I let her be for a bit and much later checked her blood, which had dropped to the low 200 range. She allowed me to get her meds for her (she got into part of her jammies in the middle of the living room) and didn’t even finish watching the news before she went to bed. She even allowed me to let out the dog.

20180625_211358 (2)

Which was the next bad thing. I had thrown away some outdated bread and butter pickles and didn’t get them in the composter. Guess who found them? And those kind of pickles have onions in them. Onions, it appears, are bad for dogs. I enticed him to go for a short walk by tossing bits of cheerios ahead of him, he wasn’t impressed. However, maybe it loosened things up, so maybe in a bit I can let him out and he’ll void the lot. (the cat also threw up on the stairs)

While I am awake keeping an eye on life upstairs, I’ll be working on a post about something the ALA did this week that bothered me. (American Library Association)

In spite of all those things, however, the bees are going bonkers with all the flowers rushing to bloom before frost appears in September. I bought mom a pink lupine and am thinking I’ll plant it near the blue ones under the window overlooking the lake. (the blue ones are wild and everywhere, I even saw a wild white lupine today. I’ll try to get a photo of it this week. I took the blue lupine photos on the beach about 11pm. The pink one was about 1030pm. ) A postcard arrived a while ago from a fellow blogger who has written a number of enjoyable books and for my post dinner snack before I had dessert, I enjoyed delectable hand rolled spring rolls from the local Thai food truck out here. (no photo, they were too yummy!)

I also found an excellent poem by Jane Yolen and think this portion needs to be on a poster on my wall. The poem is called ‘Managing Your Flamingo’. It is from a short story about Alice and Wonderland.

‘The Queen growls: Manage your flamingo,

and others shout: Play on, play through,

As if it were life.

As perhaps it is.’

I’m off to manage my flamingo as I play through the game.

pink and red flamingo standing near body of

Photo by Flickr on Pexels.com

5 thoughts on “Long night ahead?

  1. I love lupines, I saw them in abundance in all their colors, on the side of the road when I was out on the east coast. I was surprised also to see dwarf irises. I haven’t much luck with normal irises here but when i did have them they looked great. Love perennials. Nice pictures.

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