The good, the bad, and the lovely


I love our inlet. The water and mountains are home. However, going down to my favorite beach reminded me that it is also everyone else’s favorite beach. Probably because it is one of the few you can park at without paying. I am not sure how long that will last, there was so much trash! People were fishing and several rigs were parked just above the waterline. Campfires were burning or left burning (I really hope whoever started that one was coming back, it even had a bag of what looked like food near it) or put out with debris inside the smoked interior. I am absolutely convinced every single citizen needs to spend a month in the summer picking up trash on trails or roadsides or any place people might hang out.


I went down to relax and ended up wrought up inside. I must remember to bring a garbage bag with me next time. And a wheelbarrow to haul it in! I picked up a few cans and found a nice log to sit on. I stared out at the water and tried not to see the land. And then I felt something stab me in my inner thigh. A gosh darn mosquito was on my leg! (I wonder if those bands I purchased would help hinder bites?) I had on jeans, but those creatures are voracious and large this year. I squished her and started walking back to the car. Before I discovered the trash, I had been picking up orange rocks. I must have been thinking about Garfield Hug and T.L. (Crazy Writer of 6). Once I realized who reminded me of orange, I did think of them and send my thoughts across the waters and mountains in their direction. (Granted, I’m not sure what direction they are in, but I am sure the thoughts know!)


As I walked around fishing lines (it is bad to walk under or over those practically invisible filaments!), I noticed a few gulls fighting over something in the surf. An eagle swooped over, startling them. I realized that no matter how much garbage man makes, scavengers always collect it. (even if it isn’t good for them!) Eagles and gulls are terrible garbage birds. Beautiful and graceful and good at cleaning up the French fries or bread crusts or salmon and halibut carcasses.

IMG_7783 (2)

While watching them, I noticed the sunset wasn’t in the mountains. The color was over the water and further on up the inlet. No matter what happens with/at the dentist (mom forgot I had this appointment after being told twice, she had to tell me all about her doctor and how he took care of her.) and no matter how much trash I manage to collect and no matter how much darkness there is in the mountains, there is always light and brightness somewhere. I left the beach and discovered a misshapen heart crying out to be brought home. So, I did.

11 thoughts on “The good, the bad, and the lovely

  1. I remember how deflated my worship for the Bald Eagle became when, while stationed on Adak, I discovered just how much of a scavenger they could be! Still, there are few memories more fond than the one of an eagle swooping down not ten feet from me and snatching a salmon out of the stream I was sitting by. So awesome.
    I’ve noticed we seem to be littering more and more in recent years. I think it’s another sign of a crack in our social contract. Kind of sad.

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  2. Litter is a huge problem. Why do our young do it? Is it just the young though? I think littering public spaces or creating a lot of trash has something to do with society not wanting it anywhere near their home. The current trend to minimilsm and stark open spaces means that people trash too much in spaces that are not their own. They don’t want to dirty the car, or have to take something sticky, or smelly, home with them for proper disposal. Those same people assume/expect someone else to pick it up. And that is often what happens, but does that perpetuate the problem?
    I think society has to take away disposable items as much as possible. Paper picnic plates, plastic knives and forks, straws, napkins, balloons, etc., are all unnecessary items for a picnic/barbecue on the beach. Bring your stuff from home and take it home with you for washing up for next time. It’s what people did once and they had just as much enjoyment. The only thing that is then left in nature, are the food scraps. And animal scavengers will enjoy those without hurting themselves. That might not be wise in bear country (take the food away too), but you see what I mean. 🙏

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  3. Imagine if there was a product that stopped mossies biting us, that was so good that the wildlerness rangers and even the army use it, one that cost pennies and was really good for the skin because it was actually a moisturiser, so no nasty repellent chemicals. Well, there is over here in the UK, at least. It’s by a company called Avon and it’s called Skin So Soft Original Dry Oil Body Spray. Works like magic and I wouldn’t be without it anywhere near a mossie.
    Those orange rocks look pretty, like someone poured liquid gold over them.
    Yes, the trash is a problem, you should see how bad the woods are next to my house. But your sentiment is spot on, yes, there is light shining like a bright sun for us all. And it’s inside us. Love your heart! (double meaning, there 😊) x

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