Liquid Sunshine


Today is the 3rd Saturday in the month of June, the day for one of the major festivities in this area. It is called ‘Fun in the Midnight Sun’ or something like that. However, Friday began with a stunning fiery sunrise which vanished into rain. (That proverb actually works, ‘red sky in morning, sailors take warning.’) It rained a lot on Friday and into Saturday. My sister (her husband was performing music for the gig) said it didn’t rain during the day, but you could see your breath when you exhaled. Mom wondered why I hadn’t gone and my sister wondered if I’d been there. No. I had better things to do. Like fold laundry! Besides, I didn’t want to talk to people about mom.

Friday was sobering. I finally was able to be seen by a dentist. It was disconcerting to be seated comfortably in a chair with people behind you and hear something like this: ‘Oh, that doesn’t look good.’ I was given an antibiotic and a regime for keeping the pain at bay without me being drugged and told to come back on late Tuesday afternoon. This dentist doesn’t like to remove teeth, but he might if he could with this one. However, since he can’t, he will do his best to fix it with a root canal. (it appears the root is twisted and near the sinus)  However, on the good side, this is something I’ve never experienced before and, thus, it will be interesting. Also, the doctor is someone who graduated a couple of years after me. That class of his was phenomenal. Usually people graduate from small towns in AK and a few end up in shining careers. Most of this class went the brilliant route. (there must have been something in the water when these kids were conceived!) Many of them still look like they did when they were in High School, too. I got to attend part of a class reunion for this class a few years back and the college professor from Stanford (I think) wore his letterman jacket and it fit like a perfect glove! Anyway, it may be silly, but I feel confident having my mouth in his hands. (Although, if he was in that Sophomore English class I took my senior year, I hope he doesn’t remember some of the odd things I did with words I knew how to spell and not say!)

Earlier on Friday I visited SSC and got a shower. Yeah, mom’s sewer backed up again this week. I had washed several loads of clothes and mom decided to take a shower and it was close. So, I called a company and they came out on Friday to look at it. I was told it looked ok, but to probably call the septic guys soon. Because, as he said, NOTHING with mom’s septic system makes sense! Mom was annoyed she still needs to empty her waste into a bag and not the toilet. With no colon or pancreas or gall bladder or spleen or whatever else is missing in there, she is supposed to take enzymes when she eats. She takes those most of the time with meals, but with everything she ingests. And she snacks a lot. (one of her Saturday glucoses was over 500. But, she’s doing fine and I don’t need to help manage her. I had heard her up and about at 8 this morning, so didn’t check on her. It seems she fed the dog and forgot to eat breakfast and she appears to have written down she took her shots twice, but she said it was only once.) Anyway, I needed a shower and went elsewhere to get one. It was so lovely!

Thursday was pretty laid back. I had been super busy on Wednesday and was tired. (I bet my tooth has something to do with that. And the stress and… LOL!) Mom wasn’t doing very well due to the procedure on Wednesday, and we sort of muddled along. So, Wednesday.

Mom had a morning appointment. I never make her appointments in the morning, she’s too tired. She had made this one herself. She did really well with the procedure to have her pain pump refilled with the stronger concentrate. I was frustrated. I know mom is the patient and she deserves to be not ignored. Yet, when I ask questions, I prefer to be looked at when answered. Mom has no freaking idea what is going on in her body and if I didn’t write notes, she’d think up anything. (I’m still frustrated about that.) I can’t stop asking questions! There are so many things I need to know. Unfortunately, this one I didn’t find out why. When mom’s pump was refilled, we were told she couldn’t use the bolus part for 31 hours and 50 minutes. She did tell mom (me) how to use the oral meds until the pump was ready for use again with the remote. It was a very rough 31 hours. Especially since I wasn’t allowed to help her. We left with a script for Ritalin and I was going to call my septic friends. I opted to wait til I got home for the call and dropped off the script, which wouldn’t be ready til Monday. (I understand this drug helps make grownups less groggy, while it calms kids. I know I was given it for MS and stopped taking it cuz it made me sick to my tummy. I’d rather be tired instead of ready to toss my cookies at the drop of a hat! We’ll see what it does to mom.)

Anyway, I got home, got ready to make the call, and discovered I didn’t have my phone. I had left it at the clinic! (I called, it was there.) I knew I needed to go back in the afternoon to get my insulin, so I just added more than 20 miles to my trip and picked up my phone. (note: I did get four bottles this time. I will also be a lot more careful with how I administer the drug and my carb counting). On the way back in, I stopped at the post and picked up a package for me. Inside were these amazing awesome cool terrific bands.

I’ve written about thigh wear and chafing before. It is a frustrating girl problem. (I bet guys get thigh wear, they just don’t talk about it!) I remembered reading a blog where the author had ended up with bleeding thighs from chafing and I know how uncomfortable it is for myself. I also know many powders are cacogenic and oils need reapplied often. I saw these bands advertised (the knock off ones are much cheaper, I’m curious to see how different they are. I may get a pair because I want to wear them under my jeans, too.) and bought some. They are wonderful! (did I say that???) I would purchase them a size smaller next time, I’m still not sure if I wear them too high for using the bathroom (I feel like they are in the way and need pushed down), and I absolutely adore them otherwise! Wearing them under jeans will save on thigh wear, I wore them once under shorts and the lace got blue pills on them. I was not impressed. So, I’ll get another pair for that. They felt a bit uncomfortable for about 30 minutes when I put them on under my skirt, then I started walking and fell in love! Absolutely wonderful invention!

I picked up the phone and then decided to go and see ‘Solo’ by myself. It was an incredibly good backstory to the saga of Han. I did a lot of laughing. (not as much as at Deadpool)  It wasn’t fast paced, just a darn good story that made a great deal of sense. I’m so glad I saw it on the big screen, it was totally worth the 5$ I spent for a Wednesday showing. ($10, cuz I bought popcorn which I never ever do) I left there, got my meds, and came home to a very pain ridden mom. We see the pain doctor once more on Monday. We won’t see her again til July. It should be a bizarre ride!

I’ve posted these all over the place, hoping people don’t get tired of seeing these two cool rides! (NOT like the one I’ll be on the next couple of weeks!) The 1966 Land Cruiser belonged to The Craftsman’s dad. The 1956 Mercury Custom was my dad’s. Our dad’s are missed so much. I wish mine was here today- I often do.

23 thoughts on “Liquid Sunshine

  1. That tooth doesn’t sound good especially when a dentist says it’s too difficult to extract. I hope the infection settles and the pain eases. I assume you’ll need a complicated root canal if the root’s path is complex.

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  2. Oh my, the thigh chafing! I used to get it so badly when I was in high school (that was when I first started gaining weight). I remember going to football games on Friday nights (partly to watch football and also to hang out with some of my friends who were band geeks during the third quarter, when they’d get a break for food, bathroom, and socializing) and coming home, taking off my jeans, and seeing those red chafe marks…and they *hurt*. Nowadays, they really only chafe when I wear denim for long periods of time. I think Whitney Way Thore of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” has referred to this as “chub rub”. I’m not quite as heavy as she is, but I totally get it.

    (We’re supposed to have a technician come out and check out our air conditioner this afternoon. Hopefully we can get it fixed today as well. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻.)

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  3. Thinking of you at the dentist and hope all went well.
    I was wondering if your mom has dementia as well. Mine was diagnosed and I just recently found out. It does explain a few things. Chin up dear sister, right here with you.

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  4. Yes, I always go by ‘red sky at night, shepherds delight, red sky in the morning, sailors warning’ too! It does work!
    Words we read but have never heard – what fun! I have loads of them and still say Archie-pell-aygo instead of ark-i-pell-ago. This is the curse of the avid reader, I think.
    Your posts are so interesting, Kris, I love to hear about your life and the interesting things you find, like Alaskan condoms, intimate earrings not meant for ears and thigh bands – where would I be without you?!

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