Feed Store Cat Nips

Find your place. Be happy with what you have. Treat everyone well. Live a good life. It isn’t about material things; it’s about love. And you can never anticipate love.” Vicki Myron


This is Miss Kitty. She lives in the local feed store to take care of mice and love on the customers. Miss Kitty has literally hugged me a time or two, which was startling and sweet at the same time! (I must have had something on me she really liked!)

I always enjoy places with cats. Little Bear’s office used to have a cat. She resided in the offices and the warehouse for years til she eventually was moved to one of the secretaries homes to live out her life. Many places of business have felines hanging around and I’m pretty sure the kitters should end up on the payrolls. They can be found in libraries, the cat cafe is becoming a popular thing (I think they are a kitty daycare and adoption site), and in Alaska there was a cat who was reputed to be an honorary mayor.

A cat gracing a home is a beautiful thing. A cat lounging near the cash register is purrfect.

22 thoughts on “Feed Store Cat Nips

  1. I have never really cared for cats, so when my wife brought home our rescued feline I decided to just grrr and bear it. We’ve had the darn thing for about eight months now and I appear to be getting used to it. It won’t leave me alone. “Midnight” is constantly rubbing against me, purring on my chest, lying next to me on the carpet while I watch TCM, and getting frisky without warning.
    Somebody help me!

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  2. My friend ❤ Long time no type!! Sorry I have been incommunicado, still adjusting to having a job, rejoicing that Hubs finally found a job, and there are a few other things in the works at the moment (which I actually made post about on my blog! Whaaaa??) I haven't caught up with all your news, just wanted to say a quick hello… I will comment as I read! Miss you, sweet lady!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Miss Kitty takes the most adorable picture. Your post today is all about love, Kris-love, Kitty-love and quote-love. And you know how much I like love 😊
    I didn’t realise they put cats to work so much in the States, perhaps they should have a cat trade union? Do you have trade unions over the sea? We don’t so much in the UK these days…

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