Saving Lives

You don’t need to be a first responder or a health professional to save someone’s life. More often you are just a normal person living your everyday life. This happened to me today. I’ve had many experiences since my last post, but this one surpasses them all, because I’m alive. (I’m also writing this on my iPad because it’s near me and I’m too tired to walk to the laptop yet. Like Jack, I much prefer the keyboard. I reckon I’m old school in some respects!) I’ve had this sort of rescue before, but not in a long while.
By now, most of my followers know I have some health issues. They often cause annoyances in my life. I have trouble getting in and (especially) out of the kayak, my right leg often goes numb and aches, shoes usually hurt my feet, my eyesight is wonky now and then, I use syringes in public, and deal with other things caused by MS and or being a person with Diabetes. Living as a caretaker drops its own trying situations in my lap. And there in lies the germ of this incident.
I had been outside a good deal on Saturday. Ended up running errands twice for mom (she decided after I’d already done some errands, she needed more cracked corn for the ducks), was in the kayak chasing the beautiful assassin loon, and cleaned up the mess of soil mum made in the shop.
(And I just changed my keyboard on my iPad, so now I have to figure out how to put it back…half the letters are on the left, the others are on the right. Odd, you just pushed them together with your fingers, but it’s still in the wrong place. I should have waited til I felt better and used a real keyboard! Technology is so frustrating!)
Anyway, I did a great many outside things, so was tired. But, I also wanted a shower. I don’t like showering when mum’s awake. She gets disgruntled with longer ones and it’s less stressful for me if she’s sleeping with her oxygen on, because I know where she is! So, I stayed up rather late again. Four am, until it was time to get mum up to empty her waste bag. I had a low glucose about 230 am, so had too many carbs. I didn’t check my blood at 4. I should have. I woke again around 930 to look in on her, but she had been up and was sleeping again. She had expressed interest in attending church, but I opted not to wake her. (She’d had a pain pill and bolus and looked like she needed sleep.)
I had checked my own glucose and it was higher than I wished so, took some insulin. I don’t normally eat anything before noon, but I was sure I’d be ok. I had been given a chance to attend a barbecue and at about 1130, I texted my friend and said I’d be staying home today with mum. It was almost lunchtime, but for some stupid reason I plopped onto my bed and FELL ASLEEP! At 1, my friend texted me back. The ping woke me up and I was disoriented and confused. I was sweaty and (because I was confused, got dressed in clothes like I was going somewhere and not just staying home to dink around.) when I checked my glucose. It was 54.
I got some sugar, lunch, and texted my friend a thank you. Now, I’ve got a headache. However, I’m alive to get one. And I’m entirely grateful.

17 thoughts on “Saving Lives

  1. Goodness Kris, so glad your friend sent that text! You do have so much going on and have given so much of yourself to taking care of your mother. Take care of yourself too pretty lady 😘

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  2. My friend!!! 😦 Sorry to hear you had such a close call!! I SO miss our WP chats back and forth between posts!! Hopefully I will be more ‘digital’ from now on… I am trying to add it into my actual daily schedule, but I need to figure out HOW… or WHEN, rather! (My morning ritual/routine is already 2 hours long!) So happy you’re still with us!!!!!!!

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  3. Kris, you’ve got to be more careful, my friend. I don’t know how you do it, manage your own health needs and those of your mother, that is. What a hero you are!
    And, yes, technology IS so frustrating, though, isn’t it?!

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