Wednesday held a rather good afternoon. Til I went shopping for new shoes. Ugh. I do NOT like shopping. I finally bought a pair of Nike shoes. (I think I’ve only had one other pair in my life. I always wanted the white ones with the red swoosh, but not being a cheerleader or having enough pennies, I ordered my shoes from Sears!) I was a bit nervous to pay so much for sneakers, but I had two gift cards and now they are gone! Earlier in the afternoon, I had the chance to see Deadpool 2 and laughed and almost cried because of sad bits and laughed more. I even got to attend the movie with someone else! My friend from Kindergarten, Sir E, met me for lunch and then we went to see the movie. I discovered something, too. Watching a movie with someone is much better than going alone. (although, I will go by myself if no one else is able to go with me. I still need to see Solo. Probably an evening show instead of afternoon.) I was very impressed my friend didn’t mind my laughing so much. (Sometimes I can bother people.) I also bought a book of Alaskan cartoons for my friend who retired from being a youth pastor. The strip is published in the local paper in Eastern Oregon, but a whole book is nice to have around. I realized anew that buying books is way more interesting than shoes. (although, this is a fun shoe post!!!!!)

I’ve been thinking on and off about a post Ray not Bradbury wrote about sharing a new author.  (I can’t find the particular post, I know she shared it. I’m pretty sure it was her. Probably!) I stumbled upon a new to me author I really like and I’m not even sure why! This author writes about people in a time of magic, but not entirely. Magic is used for making fireworks and healing as well as other more well, magical stuff. But, by and large, it is a minute part of the two books in this couplet. I don’t know much about her, I am confused in a good way by her writing. I had an idea of what might happen and now she’s making the very bad bad guy into someone who seems like he’s not as bad as he really is or was. (But, he has to be!) She tosses random bits in the paragraphs that seem like they could have been edited out. For instance, when the main characters were running from another bad guy a woman who was pregnant was with them. At one point the horses were stopped and the woman, out of nowhere, mentions that since they are stopped she’s going to pee. And then there was an odd five or six paragraph scene with one of the good female characters who is possessed (sort of) and is talking and walking with a ghul. In the conversation about power, the woman (who is also pregnant!) says, ‘And yet we bind these ancient powers.” The response was this ‘Another silence followed, not so long this time. At the end of it, the ghul simply sighed, and said: “Do we?”  The horrible creature is showing humanity. One of the quotes I shared on FB from the first novel I really liked, “It wasn’t actually the differences between tribes that caused wars. It was the ways in which all people were alike.” This is, I think, why I keep reading. The author knows people and the twists and turns in life and survival. Elizabeth Bear and ‘Range of Ghosts’ and ‘Shattered Pillars.’


One of the odd things this week was a ‘test’ the nurse gave mum. It was called SLUMS. I took it and it was very hard. Mostly because math hurts my brain and I could not visualize numbers backwards. (I mean really, most of them are backwards already! How can I remember to say them from back to front if I have trouble with them from front to back?????) I also wasn’t exactly sure where Chicago was. I know it is in the Midwest, yet I grew up in Alaska and anything not in Alaska wasn’t important! So, yeah, I scored ok, but not entirely as well as I should have. Mum, however, scored a 21. Thankfully, today was a good day for her and I’m pretty sure that is why her score was higher than we thought it might be. Although, the nurse is concerned. (If you look at the link, you will see the test and scoring)

The pain doctor changed mom’s meds a bit. Instead of mum taking 2 of 5-325’s every 4 hours, now she has mom taking 1 of 10 every 6 hours. The dosage in her pump was also increased in both the amount she’s getting constantly as well as the stuff she can give herself. Next week should be interesting. The pump will be refilled with a stronger concentration of the meds and we were told there might be some difficulties for about 24 hours til the pump lines catch up with the new increase. While at the office I noticed some cute condoms. (I’d have taken one if mom hadn’t been next to me!)


Mum wanted to go to a community baseball game Thursday night. It was sunny and breezy. She made it through almost 5 innings before she got up to leave. She said she had a charley horse and headed to the car (the keys were in my pocket!). She was in a great deal of pain from her abdominal tumor, too. I got the car unlocked and turned on, gave her a pain pill and dashed off for a few  minutes to talk to  a son of one of mom’s best friends. (He had stopped earlier and spoke to us, I wanted to update him a bit more.)  When the son hugged mom, he was surprised at how frail she felt. But, he did say she was pretty alert. (I agreed, but he didn’t talk to her for very long.)

The craziest thing was one of those ‘on this day so many years ago you posted this’ on FB. In 2014 mom and I went on a cruise to look at whales (didn’t see very many) and glaciers. This photo came up on my newsfeed. I wanted to take one of the two of us at the game Thursday evening to compare, but didn’t. I do think she is right that I’ve gained all she’s lost!


Haven’t talked to The Craftsman for a few days. Usually I get the solitary night time texts. I usually ramble on in texts after he sends his goodnight. I reckon he reads them in the morning! I mentioned a couple of times how I hoped to talk to him, I really wanted to go to the dentist next week. But, I need to make sure there is money in the account before I make an appointment.  And hope the card doesn’t freeze if I take too much at once! He usually makes sure to call on the weekend, so I will talk to him then. (I don’t call often because I don’t want to bother him when he’s so busy. You may recall, I hate being a bother!) The eldest sent me a video of him releasing baby ground hogs back into the wild. He was dropping posts into holes and stopped just in time. In the steep and deep hole were two baby ground hogs! (they are ‘vermin’ in VA) He had no idea how they got into the hole, but sent them back out into the world the next day. He mentioned he saw parents lurking, but it was still rather cute. (I recall when he was in HS, he helped a wildlife rehab person catch a lame and blind bobcat that was in the neighborhood. I love my boys!) Little Bear often finds bugs to adopt, Strider brings home critters with fur and feathers.

I’ve also run into other encouraging lights along the way. Rhapsody is once again having ME as her person of interest this week. I’m floored and honored. That happens on Friday. (Or Thursday as she’s across the world from Alaska, yup. It’s up! I need tissues.) G has shared some fascinating thoughts with me and dropped a seed for a post on conflict. TnT is laid up, but has brought me laughter and help via our technology. Podman ALWAYS makes me smile and think when he sends random and not so random notes of interest. One of the mallards has finally showed her babies. I think she’s smarter than she was last year. This time she brought up larger toddler babies to snack on cracked corn, instead of the itty bitty balls of yellow. (Although, that means they are bigger bites for the eagle.) They are still incredibly cute!

Have I mentioned, it is a wonderful world out there? (photo by Little Bear, of course!)


23 thoughts on “Midweek

  1. I loved the condoms.
    I think the fact that your mom made it through 5 innings is a great sign as well as her test score.
    If I was there (or you were here), we would definitely be going to see movies!

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  2. Yes, it is a wonderful world, isn’t it? Great post, such a lot of interesting stuff in there. I had to google search what a charley horse is, I learn so much reading you, Kris. Love the Alaskan condoms! Cool. x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I hate to be the one to tell you, friend, but groundhogs are also considered FOOD by some in VA
    What part of VA does your son live in? Have you told me this before? I live in VA. I feel as though this is something we would have discussed….!
    And those condoms… HILARIOUS!

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