Level or not

I like to do easy projects. Little Bear and Strider often turn easy projects into hard ones, their dad (thankfully) is a bit less complicated. Although, he prefers to do projects all by himself. At any rate, in my sojourn with mum, I have wanted to sit while down by the lake or next to the house. (When I took photos of the eagle last summer, I was on the grass before I trekked down to stand right underneath him.) One summer I had found a board I remember my dad making something out of submerged in the water. I balanced it on the moss, found it a bit precarious for seating, and finally used it elsewhere. Needless to say, I wanted something simple. I opted for the ease of concrete cinder blocks and a board. I realized I needed to add rectangular paving stones because it wasn’t quite right for this short person. (I think I mentioned this in my last post) Then, I remembered something else. I’m not very good with making things level. I can tell if it is off, but trying to figure out what side needs highered or lowered is a pain in the butt! (I almost never get it right unless it is by accident!) I sent the first photo out and the Captain responded with ‘some photo editors have ‘straighten’ tools to fix….the photo.’ I laughed. And used the editing tool on my laptop, which only fixed the photo! (maybe I should go out and look…….)

The bench on the lakefront is a bit better. I did notice it has a tendency to lean backwards. Not really a problem, it is firmly tilted, helps me to sit up straight, and helps me keep my feet properly on the ground. I am not adding a photo of the blocks for the third bench. Those are seriously out of line, but will be tons easier to remedy. The ground there is sandy and loose. I’ll probably work on it tomorrow.

Friday was a lovely day. My physical self was sort of sore (especially after walking around Home Depot looking for something), but my soul was more content. Mum was really ‘off’ today (scared me once, when I couldn’t wake her easily) and didn’t want to go to the yearly Relay for Life shinding she almost always attends. (I don’t think we went last year either) However, she wasn’t mean today and wonderful nice bits crowded out the frustrations (thank you TnT).

I was going to get some cheap test strips for myself and since that store was out of them, I decided not to do any shopping there. When I left the building, I remembered I had forgotten I was going to get extra money when I paid for my purchases to get kettle corn (I love that stuff. For so many reasons). I went up to the vendor to laugh and tell them I’d not be able to get any today and they had one of those fancy little adapters for cell phones and debit cards. So, I got two large bags for 10$. YUMMY!!! Happy happy happy. Then, I went to get my cinder block tops and a pot for one of mom’s plants and a pair of gloves. Frustration. Gloves. (I’m still peeved!!!) Do you know that work gloves come in small, medium, large, a variety of extra larges, and WOMENS? I was so annoyed. Do my hands have hips? Do my hands need extra room in the heel? No. My hands are just small. Gloves should not have gender. And the lady gloves didn’t fit me anyway! I walked back and forth from garden to hardware to find a pair of gloves to use with the kayak. The garden area has a fancy box for gloves in ridiculous prints that were not anywhere close to what I needed. I finally opted for a more expensive pair than I wanted and the yellow piping is sort of blatant. (note: Uses do not include kayaks, but I think it will be ok). I will like the touchscreen fingertip. I do hate to remove my gloves to take photos with my cell phone.

Then, I picked up a ton of groceries. Mum wanted licorice (she ate several pieces after I got home and could NOT understand why her glucose was high. She sampled a great many of the things I bought.) and ice cream (I didn’t get any ice cream for myself, I had kettle popcorn!). The annoying part was at the pharmacy. Medicare now has this new quirk where you need to show your id to pick up things like test strips. And the store has this itty bitt tiny screen to print and sign your name on. Plus, since I got mom strips, the new CGM will have to wait til next month because I forgot it was June 1 when I got the darn things and Medicare will snort if they see mom getting TWO glucose things in one month.

I finally was able to go to the library to see if I could get the gift card I found in the book I’d read to the owner and found out it wasn’t possible. I was so disappointed. No one reported it lost, privacy rules have made it so you can’t see who last checked out a book (not even the staff at the library!), and so I had to keep it. I’ll see what is on it and if it is usable. (I need some new panties, anyway-) And the little snowman is so darn cute! It needs to become a magnet. I toyed with posting it on FB, but realized EVERYONE might decide they read the book and lost the gift card. (I had thought about having a report on the book for proof or reading, but you can google anything these days.) Oh well. I did try. I was also frustrated because I had forgotten one of the books I was turning in was mom’s and didn’t count in my 4 books cuz I had one at home. So, I could not check out ‘Alas, Babylon’ which I know by heart anyway. (One of my very favorite science fiction stories, even if I can’t recall the author at the moment!)

I got home and ate dinner outside on the uneven bench and then went down to the lake to read in the sunshine for a while. I was starting to hurt a lot (my feet and legs) and came inside for a bit where I texted and messaged a few persons before heading out to the beach to watch the last of the sunset after 10pm. I do love this place!!!!!!!!!


20 thoughts on “Level or not

  1. Yes, such a beautiful place, Kris. It seems the universe is gifting you at the moment – kettle popcorn and a gift card.
    I do so agree with you about the gloves and gender – what’s that about?!
    A lovely post, Kris, sounds like you are keeping cheerful and busy and things are going well. x

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  2. Yes, absolutely, I like to think we get both gifts and challenges, the gifts are always lovely and welcome but the challenges are like getting a boot up the backside, bringing us to our knees so we eventually have to find another, a better way of doing things. We always focus on the bad times more than the gifts, though, because, well, we’re human. When we feel a deep gratitude for the gifts and let the universal energies know, the feeling can be sublime. Keep smiling, you’re one of the beautiful shining gems of the Oregon earth and you have a wonderful smile, Kris. x

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