A thankful heart

Yup, sometimes you just have to laugh and be thankful and don’t make plans. Wednesday was going to be busy for mom. I knew this. It was also incredibly fascinating in spots.

We visited with the pain doctor so her pain pump could be refilled. (There are several videos of this procedure on YouTube.) I had let mom watch one of those videos and she sort of paid attention. She was pretty out of it. (Although, she said she was fine) We arrived at the office and it was a bit frustrating because the patient was the most important person who had information for the doctor. (I sat gritting my teeth after it was suggested to me and kept quiet.) Later, however, the doctor was super helpful in explaining what she was doing, even letting me watch her closely. I did walk over to mom and try to hold her hand, she shook me off, so it was nice to watch the doctor. They stuck a sheet with a hole in it over mom, looked for the pump, and then placed a template over where it was supposed to be. The template had a spot where the center was. That place was marked with a pen. The pump was deeper than usual and at an odd angle (due to mom’s body, the pump is on her hip in back.), the doctor was looking for a ‘hole’ in the disc where the needle was to be inserted. Once inside, she needed to find a ‘lever’ and then she would be able to go thru with the rest of the procedure quickly. The old medicine had to be removed before the new dose could be put in. (I’m still not sure why, it had something to do with shelf life, I think) At the end of the tube on the syringe, a blue flat disc was attached. This was a filter to keep things sterile. The whole experience was absolutely fascinating. I was completely impressed. The doctor counted out mom’s pills, gave me script for her sleep med and we made an appointment to go back next week. She upped the dosage of both basal and bolus another 10% and now mom can dose herself every two hours. Much better. But, she needs to go back in mid-June or earlier for a refill.


We had lunch out. I was a bit annoyed. Mom forgot to wear her new teeth. (She often forgets to put them in if she is eating. Stupid.) Anyway, we got good sized meals and I finally remembered to take a good photo of the placemats on the tables. (we both had breakfast. Mine ended up to be giant pancakes. I’d have ordered one if I had known how big they were!! Mum had toast and real jelly and a 3 egg omelet and hash browns. Mum said they hadn’t cleaned the grill of the previous meals when they made the hash browns. She saved part of her meal cuz we were in a rush.) Mum likes this restaurant. We had to hurry, the next appointment was at 1 and we got to the restaurant at 1220! It all worked out.


The second appointment was the blood draw for the DNA cancer lab. I was so embarrassed. I handed the kit to the tech and she asked if I’d filled out the paperwork. I hadn’t seen any paperwork in the envelope the box came in. Just some notes from the phone consult and a brochure. Well, the paperwork was inside the box. I had not opened the box. I figured it was just lab stuff and there wasn’t a note anywhere to tell me there was more information in the box. I was told there would be paperwork, I just couldn’t find it and decided it would arrive later in the mail. So, I took the papers and had to find mom’s insurance cards (she had moved one the most important one!) and got them ready for her to sign. I couldn’t sign them. My Power of Attorney papers were not on file with the lab doing the test and I just had mom do it. She stayed at the clinic for ages chatting and feeling wonderful. (She was faking it) When we left, we stopped at a pharmacy for me to get more fittings and some glucose tablets (I was out). In the parking lot she asked for two pain pills.

Then, she decided to go shopping at JoAnne’s. She bought MORE fabric and fleece and knitting stuff and some things to give my sister for mom’s day. 121$ of stuff I am sure we have duplicates of or things of a similar nature here in the house.

My headache still hadn’t gone away. I was feeling miserable by the time we got back to the house and I called mom’s nurse to ask if they’d come later so I could visit my own clinic.(I told mom I was going to do this and she said I could go shopping when I was in town.) I filled up on water (peed all night, it was not good for sleeping! Lol) and got ready for the late morning lab. It is a good thing I arrived so early. It took quite a while. The great assistant lady (she is also from the class of 83!) searched all over my arms before deciding on my right wrist. It hurt, especially when the vein blew out at the end, but she got one vial. She then tried in my right elbow area. Nope, it gave out fairly quickly. (this rock has no blood, it appears) Next, she had another lady come in. This one managed to get 2 more vials from my left wrist. It took a bit for me to regroup. (I was told many times how it is all in my head and I need to focus on other things.) We chatted quite a bit during the draw, but as soon as it was all over, twilight descended. Not full dark this time, just a brief gentling of the aura around me.


I left to go shopping and went back an hour later for a checkup. It appears I am in good health, I’m probably just stressed. (Although, I do have another visit next week when the results come in from the labs.) There isn’t really a reason she could find for my weeping red eyes, my sore lower back and headache (which stopped while I was in the office), and I did not lose weight like I had hoped. (So, my saggy breasts, which have felt the last few days like mostly empty bags, are pretty much from old age.) I did ask for a new script for the neuropathy and she thought I should also have a prescription for a nap. It wasn’t written, but I’m not sure how it would be filled…or fulfilled, anyway! I dropped off my new script and mom’s script. (well, actually I went to the store to drop off mine. When I took mom’s in, the paper I thought was the script for me was really my shopping list. They were the exact same size and I didn’t know what it was til I got ready to hand it to the pharmacy assistant. She laughed!) While waiting for the script, I ate lunch and made phone calls. One of the little tubes of blood was for a Vit D test. I was prescribed this by a physician in the states to help my MS. I take a LOT (50,000 units twice a week) However, the assistant who graduated in 83, called me to tell me my insurance would not cover it. I called the company to chat more on the topic and found out Vit D testing is not covered and it would cost me over 500$. So, I called the doctor’s office and asked them to not send that particular vial in. (Grrrrrrrr)

I arrived home about the time the home health nurse called to say she wanted to visit mom today. It was a recertification day. They did not recertify her at this time. They are going to wait til next week after we see the radiologist. Mom is the healthiest terminal cancer patient in the world. She’s fading, but she isn’t really exactly sick. So, if next week shows nothing really major, they will drop her once more from their care. Mom talked to the nurse about moving into senior housing and how she wants to do that so I can leave. The nurse told me later, it was nice mom was optimistic, but it was also denial. Mom also expressed concern about getting addicted to the drugs she using. She really doesn’t want that, which is why she doesn’t like to use them as often as she needs to. She’d rather be in pain than be too fond of the meds. (even if she does take them)

On a super cool note, there is a pair of ducks back. In spite of losing their entire brood last year to various predators, the green winged teals are on the lake with the mallards and golden eyes. Plus, the lake is all clear, green in spots, and fairly high. This weekend, I’ll need to move the tires around and fix up the spot where I launch the kayak from. The photos below are a pair of golden eyes and the ‘dock’ I added to last year and pulled from the water in the fall!

The BEST thing was finding new music. Jack, bless his heart, shared a song in a comment and I downloaded two of the musician’s albums to my iPad. Joshua Kadison is now one of my new favorites! I was having babies while his career was taking off and I missed the whole thing til now. What a gem to discover. Thank you, Jack!!!!!

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