Instant Everything

Yup, all my fears were for naught. I’m going with instant everything. (do you know how many things in existence that are instant??? Least favorite, potatoes. Mashed potatoes need to made from real tubers. But, I digress!)

Thursday was awful, in many ways. (I’m still looking at it with dismay!) After I changed mum, I took her to the eye doctor. She was being all busy and slamming things around, she even put in her new teeth. I am pretty sure she would not have gone anywhere if the choice would have been hers. (Ignoring doctor visits is not a choice for her.) Once there, she was feeling quite well again. Although, her fitting started to leak. He prescribed new glasses. (she better live a lot longer, she’s getting lots of new things to help her with day to day life!) However, mum wasn’t too thrilled with the choices, nor was I. Glasses styles are now veering towards the cat eye or 70’s look again. I think that is silly. If I like a pair of glasses, I should be able to get the ones I want. Not ones that are in style! So, she did not get any yet. In a few weeks, the office will have new choices and she’ll go back in and look those over. After that, mum went shopping.

I waited in the car for almost an hour and she finally came out in a snit. Without any bags. It appears she wasn’t able to write a check and her credit card was denied. I couldn’t get much out of her, but went in and got her purchases. (They had been put aside because mom said her daughter would be in to get them.) Almost 70 dollars and most of it was just stuff. Lights for her garden and a sewing pattern for doll clothes and other junk she does not need. She was so mad, I get this, I’d have been mad, too! She hates depending on me to do things for her.

Anyway, the nurse arrived before mum finished lunch and I was able to chat with her about my fears. The gal is new and moved up to AK to fill in for 13 weeks from somewhere in the south. She said she had gone hiking and loved it. We reminded her to be very careful and take a firearm. Bears in spring have been known to kill. She was surprised at our insistence and said we were scaring her. Good! She did say, after she got in her car to leave, she saw a momma bear and two cubs in the road.

I talked to her about mum’s tummy. In pancreatic cancer (and in other illnesses) a health issue called Ascites can develop. This is a buildup of fluid in the abdomen from somewhere. Anyway, the nurse looked her over and said, for now, she looks good. She did say, that could change in a week. The hardness is there, but don’t worry and keep an eye on it. (My FIL had that happen a couple of times and needed ‘drained’. It was horrible. I do not want to have mum go thru that!) So, I was incredibly relieved to find out my worries were just that, a bunch of mountains made of mole hills. As if I need to add more troubles to a world who hands them out on a regular basis!

What do you do when you worry? I was so thankful after the nurse visited, I went out and got ice cream and read a book!


Friday morning, I woke mum again at 430 am. And needed to change another fitting. This time, I went straight back to sleep! (I was really very tired from yesterday.)

6 thoughts on “Instant Everything

  1. It is hard not to worry really. I worry too but realise what else can I do. Good ice cream choice. Indulge and relax as after each outing with parent(s) it can drain us. Garfield hugs and try to have a good restful weekend.

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