Water Cat Nips

“Praised be my Lord, for our sister water.” St. Francis of Assissi


In the book by Natalie Babbit, The Search for Delicious, water is hailed as the tastiest thing in the kingdom. (this is a very good read aloud. Not long, but full of thoughtful lessons and fun adventures) In the course of my staying with mum, I’m entirely aware of the need and desire for fresh, clean water. Songs are dedicated to water, Jesus is known as the Living Water, and there are many inventions created for water purification. Our world is mostly water, our bodies are mostly water, and water is life.

One thing you need to do as a pet owner is make sure water is available. Most of us leave out dishes of water, but today you can do so much more than that! There are gravity containers you can fill a couple of times of week with water, there are clever filtered water fountains available, or you can leave a tap on. (this last isn’t really practical as it wastes water, but cats don’t seem to mind)

Moses and Maxwell like using the dish, Kila was one of those cats who preferred his water from the source. We finally purchased one of those gravity water bottles with the bead in the tip for him. He loved it and you always knew when he was getting a drink. You could hear the little bead move as he lapped and the gurgle of the water in the bottle. It sure made it easier than turning on the water in the laundry room sink til he was sated! I do remember, he did use the dish when I filled it with ice cubes. Although, that may have been cuz he liked to ‘chase’ the ice with his paw and the sound of melting ice seemed to intrigue him. He was definitely an odd cat!

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