Lemon Drops

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Look past the crumbs to see the cookie. Watch the donut not the hole (one of my favorite kid songs!). Cute, trite, Pollyanna phrases (note: I absolutely LOVE the book ‘Pollyanna’!!!!!!!) which people brush off like dust on a counter. I had a pretty good week and weekend with many lemons or holes and crumbs. Thankfully, I could look past those horrid bits to see the better things. You know, if all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops? (did you sing it????) However, in order to share properly, you’ll get them both in equal measure!


One of the sweetest things that happened was thru Podman and Chirp (his wife). They sent me a package with letters and a little angel figure holding cards of scripture. The angel has a tilted halo. Not a single crumb in that experience, it was entirely chocolate chip. (I find many blogging interactions full of good things. I’m so fortunate!)  Earlier in the week, I discovered I needed to fill out more paperwork so mum could have her pump refilled without traveling too far. I was really grateful I was in town when I got the phone call from the big city doctor. They were checking up on things and said they’d not gotten one of those papers that says they can share information with someone else. (it is a shorter name, I can’t remember it!) So, I went to the town dr office and found out I needed to sign a bunch of papers. I’m also very glad I have a Power of Attorney.

Mum got her new teeth. She hasn’t worn them much and her speaking is more legible when she does. However, she did manage to get them stuck on Friday night. She was all upset because she’d need to wait til Monday to get them unstuck. She had removed the bottom teeth and the top ones refused to budge. Thankfully, there is an internet. I found ideas on how to loosen stuck dentures and she actually used them. I also had my EMT friend at my fingertips and she’d have helped me with the problem if needed. And if those didn’t work, I know people with dentures who could give advice. It wasn’t worth a run to the Emergency Room, nor did we need to wait til Monday. Less than an hour later, she got them loose. I also had to purchase another box of fittings this week. I was allowed to change one. At 5 AM. Sometimes I wish those things wouldn’t need taken care of at the last minute or in the wee hours of sleep time.

I had a chance to visit with some good friends from the north. This family reminds me of a passel of border collies. Fun, friendly, hardworking, and full of energy. I’d love for my youngest and their oldest to meet. However, Little Bear is more feline in nature than collie. I saw them twice. We visited a short bit on Saturday and then I sat with the mom in our car while the others took their dog, Xena, for a walk on the beach. Mom was really sick with a cold. (Hoping I don’t ‘get’ it!) Saturday was an over and back sort of visit- they were staying about 30 miles away. Sunday, was one of those A,B,C days where I ended up at J and then S before getting back to B.

Monday was more than annoying. Mum has not been feeling very good the last week. She’s been in a great deal of pain, more so than usual. (She told me her ‘thingie’ hurt. I knew she was a female, so was pretty sure it wasn’t THAT ‘thingie’, but I finally got her to admit it was the abdominal tumor.) She has also been having more nausea. The latter was horrible since I didn’t know she was almost out of nausea meds and it was Friday before I was told this. (I really need to be more up on things!) She had some other nausea meds, but they made her feel sick. (irony?) Anyway, I called her doctor office and had to leave messages since they are closed on Fridays. I was pretty sure I’d be able to pick the prescriptions up after the weekend. So, Monday I called and found out they had not gotten the message. The assistant, knowing how far away we live, suggested I wait and come in after the script were ready. She called me back at 330 to say they were done. I wasn’t sure what to do as the office closed at 430. I talked to mom and opted to wait until Tuesday. Which I did. (I waited all day to do errands, only to have to wait til the next day!) Mum felt really well on Tuesday, but didn’t get the things done she felt she wanted to. She also wanted to stay home. (hooray! I really wanted to be alone. She might have, too.) Mum’s wellness is truly hour by hour. She did, I think, finally finish the second sock she was working on. She’s been knitting a pair of socks for weeks now. The first one went fairly fast. The second one she keeps saying something is wrong with the yarn and needles. She finally said her hands were sore, so I’m pretty sure that might be the actual problem. (as well as not being able to remember exactly how to do things.)

I had a couple of meals out—or in my car. One was good, but incredibly messy. The Jr bacon cheeseburger was very good and only slightly messy! Mum is planting seeds. I am pretty sure those nasturtium seeds are supposed to be inside the peat pots, but she feels she’s better at gardening than I am. (which is true, usually)

I did get to house elf twice, so that was more than grand. As I left on Monday, Sir SSC drove in. Completely fortuitous. I had not seen or talked to him in ages, so I turned around and went back to ask a couple of questions. I really needed to learn how to use the shower wand in the master bath. (I got totally soaked while cleaning and ended up needing to strip to my skin and change clothes. I was so glad I’d left some extra undies at the house!) Anyway, the two of us crowded in the shower and I was shown how, with a simple twist of the wrist, to make the wand come to life. I enjoy being taught how to do things!!!

I talked to Strider for a long time on Tuesday, too. I do love that kid. He told me, at one point, how thankful he was that I was his mom. He said a great deal more, it was such a grand conversation. We can talk and talk and communicate. His dad is much more difficult to discuss things with, for both of us! Also texted with my longtime friend, Sir E, and found, further down the Peninsula, power was lost due to a storm. Later, as I came home from a brief walk around 745 pm, our wind picked up. The tall trees started clattering against each other and I hurried to mum’s. I felt a bit like Dorothy listening to things fall around me and watching the evergreens dip and sway! (I also had a wet foot from where I had gotten snow in my boot. Our lake is not very close to thawing yet, in spite of the mallard pair who pop into the yard now and then. A lot of deep old snow.)

20180424_194626 - Copy

The oddest thing I’ve run into? My cell phone is 5 minutes different than the time shown on my laptop and IPad. No matter, at least I have time!

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