Good Bye Cat Nips

‘No amount of time can erase the memory of a good cat, and no amount of masking tape can ever totally remove his fur from your couch.’ Leo Dworken



One of the craziest things happened last weekend. It has taken me this long to get ready to post it on here. I finally did on FB, I had to wait til the youngest told the oldest. When the older son moved to the East Coast, he and his then wife could take the ferret and not their cat. (The cat she chose on purpose for my son. She was always choosing things for Strider) So, we ended up with Kilala (Key lah lah). Moses did not like this new addition and vehemently opposed any sort of friendly overtures we tried to get them to make. Maxwell didn’t like Kila much, either. Kila used to chase him all over the place. Especially when he exited the cat box! Nor was Kila very smart. Seriously, when God handed out brains to cats, Kila must have been in the cat mint.

Needless to say, last Sunday, Bear petted Kila, who was sleeping on his bed. He left the room for about 30 minutes and came back to find the door blocked by Kila’s body. There was no blood, quite a bit of saliva, and no strong hint of health issues. Yes, Kila was overweight. He ate food like it was going to vanish in the next few seconds. (probably because he was raised with a ferret and the ferret would eat everything as fast as possible) We ended up feeding them at different times. Kila, Bear said, also had breathing trouble. But, so does our oldest cat, Maxwell. Every year we worry it will be Max’s last. (But, he was a barn cat and barn cats are pretty tough!) Kila lived in Little Bears’s incredibly untidy room (he’d clean weekly, but with cat and kid…it was a dubious endeavor!) played with almost everything he could find, a caged box off of Little Bear’s window was made so Kila could ‘go outside’, and Kila was rarely unwatched if he did actually get outdoors. A few times he escaped, but we always got him back fairly quickly. Kila was 9 years old. Moses and Max, who go outside all the time are 17 and 18 (I think).

We will miss this furkid and I’ll continue to add him in my Cat Nips. Hoping he had some help as he crossed the rainbow bridge or he might still be wandering around!


13 thoughts on “Good Bye Cat Nips

    • Was told the other cats are not even noticing. The guys, however, are finding it very odd. House routine often surrounded Kila. If he was out of Little Bear’s room, then the cat door needed locked, food dishes put away, and the bedroom door propped open.


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