Cleaning Up Cat Nips

The domestic cat seems to have greater confidence in itself than in anyone else. ~Lawrence N. Johnson


I am not a person who likes too much debris around me. (I am sure others may laugh if they read this, however, if it needs cleaned, I’ll generally clean it!) I am not a neat freak, but I am fond of mostly tidy. Cats, I’ve noticed, don’t really seem to care what their abode is like. As long as there is a place to sleep or sit in relative comfort, they will be ok. (However, warm clothes from the dryer and boxes do seem to be favorite locations.)

I had cleaned up the living room one day. For some reason it was more of a mess than usual and in a frenzy of tidy, I managed to get things looking fairly presentable again. Because our family has a lot of movies, Little Bear was documenting what we had with paper and clip board. I knew it was going to be used later, so I let it be on the floor. Since it was the only thing ‘left’, Moses decided it was a platform for his protest of a lack of proper seating arrangements. After I took his picture and sat down on the couch, he moved to my lap. Probably his entire plan in the first place!

7 thoughts on “Cleaning Up Cat Nips

  1. That is one very neat and tidy living room! LOL! Moses found the right place to sit! You are right in that cats love to be cosying up in crammed boxes or dryers. My friend’s cat would usually sit on top of the TV console during winter and I realized why – the warmth of the TV kept her comfy. If the TV is not turned on, she will sit in front of a portable heater. LOL! Smart cats!

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  2. He’s one beautiful kitty! My best friend had a phobia of cats for a while because a ginger one was especially mean to her, although my cat (who is sadly no longer with us), who was a gorgeous long-haired calico/tabby mix, did help her get over some of that fear and was able to downgrade it to just ginger cats. I’ve cared for male cats, too (not currently, though), and they’ve usually been nice cats as well. Pretty much all they need is a cozy place to live in, a running food and water supply, and somewhere to go potty, and then they pretty much take care of themselves! That’s why they’re aloof…they’re just super-independent. Dogs are more in need of human companionship and assistance in their care; for cats, the companionship is just an added bonus. 😁 But I can say from experience, there is nothing sweeter than having a cat climb up on you, laying down on your lap (or boobs, depending on the cat), purring into oblivion, and letting you pet it as it falls asleep on you. I do miss that part of having a cat. But the dog I have right now is a handful enough, so I’m content to just have her now. 😅

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  3. Cats love whoever takes care of them, regardlessof neatness or sloppiness. I know they’re reall self absorbed creatures, but i love them anyway. 🙂 The photo gave me a big smile.

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