I’m not sure if it is an Alexander Day (refer to storybook, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day) or if it is just another Monday. Because my regular Monday wasn’t too bad, really. Today, however has been one of those days I should have just gone back to bed and stayed there. Although, I also did that. (To be fair, I did get some fun texts from TnT today, plus some updates from Podman on a situation I’ve been concerned about.)

I woke up at 4 to get mom up. She decided she was able to take care of herself, so I went outside. She had changed her fitting twice in the last 5 hours, but she did it all by herself. (I’ll probably have to buy more on Friday) It was dark and the moon was behind the house and I watched the northern lights. They were very pale and almost insubstantial, but lovely, just the same. I had checked my glucose and was pretty impressed. 95 is a nice number and since it was almost morning, I let it go. At 8, the alarm went off and mum was already up. I was so tired, I decided to stay in bed a bit longer. About 10 I finally really woke and had my thyroid tablet with water and checked my blood again. It was over 300. (Must have been the dawn phenomenon that sometimes happens in the life of a person with diabetes.) I was rather annoyed because I’d been so very proud I’d had a long run of great glucose levels.

I went online to make reservations for Thursday and was confronted with the first of many plane problems. Not a single ticket available for when I needed it. I knew mom would not be comfortable leaving here at 6 in the morning for a flight that go to the city at 8, where we’d wait around for her appointment at 11. I managed to get mom’s appointment changed to Wednesday, when tickets were available. The reservations hadn’t showed up in my email, so I went to sleep. (I have been so tired. Achy and about as much energy as cooked spaghetti. I keep putting off chores to do later and I am not hungry at all. When I wear my glasses I get headaches, when I don’t I also get headaches. My back hurts as well as my tummy. I had a sore throat last night, but it is gone, thank goodness! I’m not sure if it is the month long spotting from my cycles I thought had stopped or something else. The doctor’s office did call to tell me my liver was great and not to worry about anything, so that was good. I’m sure my being tired is nothing important. It is most likely from being here in a never ending loop.) I have never waited this long to get tickets. If I know I need them, I get them early. So, first bad idea was to wait. As I messaged a friend of mine, live and learn and pay! They were rather spendy things. I finally got up around 5 (I told you I was tired!) and still no email. I was getting frustrated, I felt I needed to know when the tickets were for. I tried using my airline code and was told several times it was incorrect. (It was on a laminated paper in front of me) I managed to use my confirmation code, but the times and dates were wrong. I was totally confused. I could not find mom’s at all.  So, I called. Thankfully, the reservation office is open late. I was VERY thankful they didn’t close before they got to me, I was on hold for what seemed like forever (it was only about 15-20 minutes). When the lovely lady chimed in, she literally saved my bacon.


It appears I managed to have me fly out on Thursday morning very early. Mom was leaving on Wednesday in the mid-morning. We were both returning on Thursday afternoon. It is times like this when I wish I had someone to help me. I was so muddled today everything got mucked up. The very nice person helped fix things. She managed to get mum and I on the same flight on the same day. However, the return ticket on that same day will be very late due to the planes being full up. Hoping we can fly on standby back earlier.

On the real Monday (because Tuesday must have been a Monday!) I talked to The Craftsman for 20 minutes and asked him tell Little Bear to call his Nana for her birthday. Mum was thrilled, she reported they had a long conversation. The kid said he pretty much listened and acknowledged words now and then. I laughed. I also connected with a guy I went to grade school with (I’m not sure how I feel about this. If we ever meet, I am certain he’ll not be that small boy in the ribbed polyester turtleneck!), was sent a dear friendly text from a very good person I’m fond of, and my EMT friend is now engaged to a super sweet man she has known for a while. (he’s been in the hospital and she’s been there helping to take care of him with his family almost nonstop for months. He asked her to marry him from his hospital bed!! I almost thought I was reading a Harlequin romance!)

Tuesday was also the anniversary of the ’64 Good Friday quake. Maybe this is why I felt so awful and slept so much today. (Below is fascinating story of the science in this catastrophic event)

7 thoughts on “Monday?

  1. 90 and 300? shouldn’t it be ..5 or 6? I mean when my mum is checking sugar level she’s always worried if she has over 6 lol or maybe it is diff measurement and it means 60… I know nothing about it. But now I’m going to stop eat my chocolates aaaaa
    Have a good day ahead!😁

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  2. That’s a bit of a crazy jump from 95 to 300! I’m glad she is doing her own dressing, that should help you. And yes, Monday was a pain!
    I’m glad your son called his grandmother, I do the same thing to my son although now we all live together so it’s more like, go downstairs and spend time with Mama! 😂

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