Photos of the far!

We had snow, which resulted in so much white stuff the paper was almost buried when it was tossed in the drive. Even with the amount of snow we got, the birds weren’t interested in nibbling from my hand.

I found a crazy shaped m&m in the snack bag I poured out, a different pair of bags didn’t have a single green one in them!


I found a mountain lion in a tree stump, I am so thankful I have an imagination. (I added eyes and teeth and ears to the second photo–do you see it?)

As mentioned earlier, I got seriously cold on my walk down the verge where the new pipeline is going to go, but when I found sunshine, it was warm enough to remove layers…briefly! (both photos were taken minutes apart!!)

Every step I took on the ice made a lovely crackling sound. I’m going to miss winter so much, but I am glad for warm sunshine.

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