Growing Cat Nips

Two little ladybugs flew around a flower, Then crawled beneath a leaf to nap for half an hour. –Anonymous children’s rhyme


As much as I love winter, spring is by far the most amazing time of the year. The yard slowly wakes, a little bit more each day, until it almost explodes with color and sound and scent.  As if it is trying to rush to reach the lazy days of summer. I particularly love all the violets hiding in the grass. Most people tend to turf them out, I ask they be left alone. I often think I can almost eat them because they smell so good! (I haven’t eaten them, you can, but I generally just pick them for tiny little vases). When I’m out in the new grass, Moses usually joins me. (He joins anyone anywhere!) I was taking photos of the purple and white violets one day and found a ladybug getting ready to hitch a ride on our orange kitty. I moved the little guy. Ladybugs are red for a reason! They are toxic little things who release a nasty bitter substance when provoked. I didn’t want Moses to accidentally lick the creature and get sick!

8 thoughts on “Growing Cat Nips

  1. I hear you can make a tea from them as well.
    I cut grass on the side and I’ve learned a lot about the plants that grow in our lawns. Clover – fixes nitrogen in our soil (much like soybeans); dandelions and violets – large taproots that tend to provide aeration to our compacted soils. Some of the thickest, lushest lawns I cut are the ones that have all three of these plants interspersed within the grass. In most cases the grass is some sort of wire grass. Go figure, most people spend tons of time and money trying to get a lush green lawn, planting seed where it doesn’t grow naturally when they could just let nature take its course and have what they want, along with a splash of natural color!

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