Molehills of snow and scattered thoughts



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I am an idiot. I didn’t realise it fully til I was almost home. I felt like Vizzini from The Princess Bride. It was obvious I shouldn’t do this, and yet it was equally obvious I shouldn’t do that! Let me explain (sum up!) and show you how mountains are made not of vibranium, but just plain snow. After serious thought and sharing those thoughts with a couple of people, I decided to leave mom to her own devices and go see The Black Panther. I did errands before and was planning on house elfing after. Let me start at the end instead of the beginning.

I got to where I elf and actually drove past it, because I didn’t recognize it in the dark! I had been told no one would be there and I am pretty sure no one was. But, it was odd. First, there were no yard lights on at all. I’ve never been to this home when it was dark on the outside. The drive was covered in snow as was the rig in the drive. There were foot prints in the snow leading to the porch, so I assumed someone was there. (In retrospect, someone had been there. To feed the cat) The snow bothered me. It stopped snowing yesterday afternoon and usually, if the owner isn’t there, the persons who feed the lone cat shovel the drive. If the owner is there, it is shoveled promptly. It was as if it was abandoned. I was told a few days back I could evening elf because no one would be there. I hadn’t been told (and really it isn’t my business as an elf!) that no one would be there for two days. It just felt distinctly odd. (I think I said that.) So, I was almost to mum’s and I realized the cat might want company and I should have gone inside to do a few chores. Annoyed, I got home and discovered the front door was open, leaving the screen door the only barrier between outside and in. It was pitch dark and 24 degrees and the door was open. Concerned, I came inside carefully. I should never ever worry about that mom of mine. She moved the full sized dishwasher to wash the dishes (she’s not supposed to lift up to 15 pounds, or do strenuous things. She said just pushed it around.), was talking to people, and I don’t know what all she did. So, basically, I am an idiot. She’s quite fine without anyone around and can do anything she wants. I should have elfed when I had the chance. Plus, I only got two of the five things done I wanted to do today while out and about.

If you haven’t seen The Black Panther, stop reading now. I’m not going to exactly spoil things, but it might.

This was as much of a Marvel movie as Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials trilogy is a kid’s series. It was mostly serious, full to the brim with philosophy and moralistic dilemma, and I cried more than once. I don’t often cry at movies (Les Miserables was an exception. I don’t think I stopped crying more than 10 minutes during that movie!) and I’ve never ever cried in a Marvel movie. It had more than one laughable moment. It had characters who were given clever lines to stretch across the stressful scenes. It had incredible beauty in song and set. Stan Lee showed up as he does. They had the two ‘bits’ that pop up in and after the credits (oh those were GOOD bits!!! I admit I squealed when the last one hit the screen.) But, still, it was not a feel good, silly, fun, super hero wearing cool suits and too much attitude movie. Although, it wouldn’t have made as much sense if I wasn’t familiar with the Marvel universe!

I did enjoy it immensely. I would go to see it again. I enjoyed being one of less than 8 people in the audience and I sat in the back corner with no one to bother me with phones or what not. (I did read on my ipad til the movie screen lit up with information and previews) I was absolutely amused that two men my age and I were by ourselves in the theatre (we walked out at the same time and we all took different rigs away). It would have been nice to have someone’s hand to hold, I gripped mine pretty tightly a couple of times. I sat on the edge of my seat. I worried for the characters.

But, it was more than those moments. Several times I heard the actors speaking to me. While watching, I was struck by something more important. Yeah, it is cool there is another black superhero. But, are people actually listening to what King T’Challa said in his final speech during the credits????? It was as brilliant a speech as the one made by the President in Independence Day. Let me see if I can find it and add it in. Because that is what I would hope this movie does for our world.

“…Now, more than ever, the illusions of division threaten our very existence. We all know the truth, more connects us than separates us. But in times of crisis the wise build bridges, while the foolish build barriers. We must find a way to look after one another, as if we were one single tribe.”

3 thoughts on “Molehills of snow and scattered thoughts

  1. Maybe like you, I always feel that our elderly needs us but if we leave them to their own devices, they can actually manage. So, I must learn to let go and let them go about doing things their way but be around to pick up the pieces if anything falls to the ground. But again, maybe I also do not like to do “clean up on aisle 4” situations and prefer to manage them. Sigh!


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