Waiting Cat Nips

Winter bites with its teeth or lashes with its tail. –Montenegrin Proverb

Birds are one of my favorite things. Which is funny, because I also love cats. Unfortunately, the cats also enjoy the birds. But not in the same way. There are several feeders in the yard and we need to be aware of where the cats might be. There is a window in the dining room with a table in front of it. The table top is at the bottom of the window and we don’t keep anything on it, except a towel. (Sometimes stuff does end up there, but never for very long!!) This table top belongs to the cats. Outside the window is a tall double shepherd’s hook. On the hooks are bird feeders. Sometimes we hang a suet feeder on one side, but in this part of EO, suet melts or turns rancid in warmer months. So, we almost always hang up feeders full of seed. Moses has been known to sit in the window chittering at the feeding fowl. We usually get juncos and goldfinches and rose finches. Rarely do other birds show up.

One winter, while filling feeders, seed was spilled on the porch. I went in the house to get a broom and turned around to see Moses in the open door. Waiting. He didn’t get anything that day, but I had to take his photo anyway!

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