The Money Plants in my Oregon yard

Garfield, from Garfieldhugs, talked about and then posted pictures of her money plant. I thought it was very interesting, because the plant in my Eastern Oregon yard is also called a money plant or dollar plant and it is totally different! The plant I have is often considered a weed. It has a bushy long stem with serrated leaves. The stem has tiny hairs up and down the plant and the flowers are either white or purple. They may be other colors, in my yard, they stay to these two hues.  They are great companion plants and smell very nice. I like to use the dried seed stems in fall decor, too.

After the plants go to seed, little pods, like coins appear. Those pods open very easily and seeds are broadcast everywhere. These little pods are also thought to look like coin purses or silver dollars. It has many names such as the money plant, the silver dollar plant, the honesty plant, and moonwort. If only real money spread like this flower does! Oddly, before I left, I noticed many of my plants had spots. It was a fungus, so I hope they survived and are still around. (apparently, they don’t like watered with the UGS system.)

8 thoughts on “The Money Plants in my Oregon yard

  1. Even though you’ve talked about money plants elsewhere, it was marijuana that popped into my head. I can’t see your family growing it, but my mom did. She called it her “cash crop.” She didn’t grow much. She used a little for her pain and sold the rest to my brother.

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