Odds and Ends

I wasn’t sure how Tuesday would pan out. I’m never sure how a day will go, so knowing I had something planned was sort of nervousing. (I made that word up eons ago, it is very illustrative. You may use it if you wish!) At any rate, I had a doctor appointment and they were going to draw blood. This is not one of the more favored things I can experience. It doesn’t matter what anyone says, it is a rough uphill go of it. (or downhill, I usually pass out!). I went off to the appointment and got stopped in traffic. The roads were HORRIBLE and a line of cars had to stop for an accident. (it is in the same place another one was a few whiles back. I think it is good they built a fire station at that corner!) I called the office to let them know I might be late and managed to get there with about a minute to spare. (you can’t really see it when it is a tiny photo but the lights on the far side of the road are windows in the sunshine.)


I was weighed (recalling that is not necessary) and met with a lady. She wrote me up a bunch of script to cover what was expired and said to come back next week to see a different doctor. Then, she said I should get a flu shot. I sat in the lab for the shot and the nurse had me STAND. I was a bit dubious. The last flu shot I got I seriously melted into the chair! I managed to survive and then she gave me a finger A1C test. (this is for Diabetes) She almost didn’t tell me the results! When she did, I was thrilled beyond words. For me, this result is more than stellar. My A1C was 6.6. (My sister texted me and asked if we’d had an earthquake—I’d posted the result on FB and said it was a terrible number for an earthquake, but not too bad at all for an A1C. She hadn’t read the whole post and didn’t know what an A1C was.)

I went and got a sandwich at Arby’s (it was nasty, they didn’t give me one without the honey mustard, so I didn’t eat it all). I went and visited my friend (SSC) who gave me my new/old book. I went shopping and saw SSFC, who helped me find something I really needed. I met a friend from HS and we exchanged numbers (we figured we might as well, we see each other in passing often and we live so darn close to each other! She’s a lot of fun). I did more errands and more shopping and all in all, it was a great day.

I texted my sister (see above discussion) and then the Craftsman texted to tell me he’d sent a Valentine today, but forgot to put in the new insurance card.  In a spate of communication, I texted him all sorts of bits about my day, mostly that I needed the new insurance card as soon as he could send it and other med questions. I should have saved them all for Wednesday. I apologized, but kept texting. I shouldn’t have. He was really tired and it was very late and for every 5 texts I sent off, he sent one. In the midst of my medical prattle, he finally said I wasn’t being a hassle, he was going to bed, and he loved me.

I spent the rest of the evening (after a shower) making more cards. I sent out over 30 Valentines and made another one and an anniversary card. (this will be the second anniversary I’ve missed in as many years) The first card was awful. I was seriously unimpressed. The second one was better, the third one was really good. I’m going to keep the first one as a reminder to plan and think before creating! I’m also making a bunch of bookmarkers for a friend. Creating is good, I haven’t done much of it in quite a while. I’m surrounded by craft stuff, I might as well use some of it!

Speaking of craft stuff. Mum has a kind of a cold still. She says she’s better now at 4 am. She’s watching the Olympics and I think had a snack of some sort. She also says she’s not in any pain. She continues to attribute her wellness to the barometer. She feels better because it is going up and her glucose is bad cuz it is going down..or is it the other way???? I just want more snow! We had rain the other day. I wasn’t impressed with the wet wrapper, at least the papers were in a bag! And while out and about, I found these adorable creatures at Walmart. I’m not sure which is cuter, purple or blue!

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