A Delicious Gift 💝

food-eating-candy-chocolate.jpgI’m always amused when various holidays choose to hallmark a box of chocolates as a great gift. I’m all for a meal out (preferably something not in the faster food range) or perhaps a nice walk alone somewhere. (Alone as in two people, minus tourists!) I’m fond of flowers and can never have too many in my space (not plants, cut ones which are already dead and can’t be killed). However, I am of the mind one of the best gifts in the entire world are words. Those hand made coupons are cute, but never used (making them takes time, using them takes even more time). Cards are nice and silly expensive. If someone wants to spend 5 dollars on me, I’d suggest adding a couple more and getting me a book from the list of “Books Mom Wants” affixed to the fridge with the library magnet! (I also have a few on Amazon..)

Call me unromantic or whatever, books are my chocolate, my oxygen, and my kryptonite. They fill my soul, comfort me, amuse me, teach, and give to me over and over. When I meet an author, I’m in awe. (There are so many on WP! It’s exciting to read them) Wordsmiths fill me with wonder as they craft phrases into paragraphs and then into stories for me to devour. I was even lucky enough to be written into a book once! (I know, I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s pretty darn cool! Oregon Detective Kelly Lowe)


The individual morsels of words as they roll on your tongue are better than nougat (definitely better than coconut!) and caramel. Here is a fun one I recently found in a children’s book I’ve read dozens of times, “chrysoprase”. (I believe it is the color ‘apple green’) A string of words can thrill me to my toes, no matter how often I hear it. I’m a sucker for book quotes of all kinds, because they are words threaded together to warm my thoughts. Truman Capote said this about writing, but it fits reading, too. “To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it’s about, but the music the words make.”

One of my favorite good friends, the SSC, (who took me out for dinner last February, marking that outing as one of the top 6 most wonderful experiences of 2017) found and gave me a book by Anais Nin, Delta of Venus. He offhandedly wished me a Happy Valentine’s Day when he told me about it. I picked it up on the 13th and am very happy! I’ve already been ‘sung to’ in the preface, I can’t wait to see what’s next! (Did you know she had this particular set of stories published because they showed “the beginning efforts of a woman in a world that had been the domain of men.” She and her friends were paid a dollar a page for their erotica, and every dollar was needed desperately).


I’m know going to enjoy each tantalizing bit in this delicious read! (Have I told you how much I love books?)

But, first I need to re-read a book a friend and I read every Valentine’s Day. It’s by L.M. Montgomery and is called The Blue Castle. We used to fight over it at the library (she’s a kindergarten teacher) and when I finally bought the worn used copy, I bought her a newer one of her own. Even though we are far apart and have been for years, we always read this together. Or close to together!

Happy Valentine’s Day and may you curl up with a good book as you while away the day.


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