My Favorite People

This week is one I try to share love and good things. So, I’m going to do that by telling you about my very favorite job and the people who have it. (I’m a tad annoyed, the format of the blog is doing odd things. Bear with it, please!)

The other day, I was texting with a friend before my phone decided it was out of the service area (I’d not moved from the spot on my basement couch.). He had just told me that in school he was often allowed to run the projector. Now, most readers may not have a clue as to what this means, let me explain. It was a top dog role in the classroom. It was the chance to be in control of a moving picture and the reels it was on. I recalled how this job was often given to a male student, but the person who checked it out to the teacher was almost always a female. The librarian. She knew how to fix anything to do with the A/V equipment, was knowledgeable about the crazy thing called the Dewy Decimal system, and her area was almost a holy ground. She was my hero and I wanted to be one of those incredible people someday.
Alas, I was a lazy student, clueless, and by the time I graduated from school, I had decided to teach. (I went on to college and didn’t reach that goal either.) I’ve never lost my admiration and love for librarians. One of my very best friends became one and has worked all over the world. (She writes of her experiences in the blog Living the Travel Channel) Today,  I have several incredibly good friends who are librarians, of both sexes. I love them very much, each and every one. They are my heroes. I should have pursued the librarian dream…I am thankful I get to touch it!

I have been a volunteer with children programs in libraries and been a member of a city library board. I check out books from all over the US. (In one library, the employees always wanted to be the first to call me. They enjoyed how excited I was when a book came in!) When my boys were 5, their most precious birthday present was a library card of their very own. It was their passport to the universe and they’ve never abused that gift of knowledge. For myself, I have always loved meeting and working and playing  with these incredible and wonderful people.

Today, a librarian does a million more things than organize and dispense books. I’ve been told by many how obsolete a library is and I laugh. In a world of fast changing information, the best place to visit is a library. The best person to talk to is a librarian. Because, they know.

I leave you with this catchy tune from Music Man (found on YouTube, another library, photos are from free photo library in WP).


12 thoughts on “My Favorite People

  1. I used to spend my lunch hour in high school helping the librarians. I’d officially helped out before but, after that was over, I just wandered over every day and helped out. I was kind of like the Red Cross but it was for books and I didn’t have any donuts…

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