Odd Day Out North

Mum is odd today. Odder than the usual my mom is odd. While I was out yesterday, she did quite a few things. She said she had three things she wanted to do and only got two of them done. She said she wanted to unload the dishes and make her bed and finish some sewing. She did the first two. She also went outside to feed the birds. (She always does things like that when I’m not home.) She has also decided she absolutely needs her new sewing machine (photos where it is and the bits below, note there is a single coat in this unusable closet thing), because the one she’s been using is broken. The new one has a booklet for directions so she’s sure she can get it up and running. (it can’t be that new. Mum got me one in maybe 2010. I’ve never used it because it has a CD and I need to run up and down the stairs to the computer with a CD drive.)


She hasn’t taken any meds since 1030 last night. Because she’s feeling great. Not much pain at all. Which is crazy. She’s been in excruciating pain for days. Maybe she’s healed? She didn’t tell me the truth. I looked at her chart. She had a half of a pain pill at 9 am. Her glucoses are worse than usual. I got her up for her morning shot, she didn’t let me do it. She was covered in cheese ball crumbs.

I think I picked a bad day to decide to give up sweets. (I’m so fat, I need to stop eating bad things!)

Gah, she has friends who want to visit. Mum got up to answer the phone. I was texting the female friend and then the friend called mum, because I didn’t exactly say outright that mom was not up to visitors. Mum answered the phone barely able to talk and said she was just fine and asked how they were. She needs to be in the know and hates being out of the loop of life. I get this, it will be good for her to see someone besides me. She’s tired of me. She’s like that tree that fell last summer. (I mentioned it before.) She’s dying inside and determined to be tall and strong looking, but one of these days she is going to fall and all those people who support her won’t be able to help. She will shatter when she hits the ground.

She’s going to take a shower. She told me because I get mad if she does it without me being told. So, with one phone call she’s gone from prone to active. I need to remember I cannot help her. She is going to do what she will. Unfortunately, guess who gets to pay the piper when everyone is gone?

I see nothing to laugh at today. Well, I did fall on the ice this morning, the paper was tossed high up into the drive (he pulls into the drive to toss the paper and backs out again. We’re the only ones on the road to get it), and I wasted a bunch of cheats in a word game to spell ‘halcyon’. To be fair, when I fell, I forgot there was ice under the new snow. It was so pretty and incredibly treacherous. Life is like that, sometimes! Kind of like when you saw that lovely bit of chocolate on the counter when your mom was baking and only after you bit into it did you realise how important sugar is to baking chocolate. Or that time I filled a Styrofoam cup full of white whipped topping and sailed in with a spoon, only to discover it was sour cream. Or when I kissed that fairly cute and well-built young man I had grown up with and found his lips were thin and he was not a very good kisser at all! Or the first time I had penetrating sex and the young man rolled over, satiated, and I realized the silly act was not only a ridiculous thing to do, but really boring. What we imagine in life isn’t ever what we expect.

Friday had some amusing things in it. The Craftsman was sent an envelope post marked NY with an index card in it. On the card was printing in black marker. (obviously the sender watches too much TV) In the envelope was also his stolen driver’s license from the late 80’s, tweaked a bit. The note read ‘I found this in a box, a friend gave it to me and I only used it once in Indianapolis.’ The person had to research the new address on the envelope as, due to zoning, the rural route has been changed from the one on the ODL. You can see what he looked like decades ago and how different it is from the photo on the ID.  (this was just before we got married in Dec 1988) He thought it was funny and  kind of creepy at the same time. Later, I did some house elf chores and was visibly startled by the fur in the dryer. (I was washing them out of the house because there was a bit more than a load!)  I was afraid I’d accidentally washed one of the cats from the house!

Am off to see what the rest of the day holds. Eye rolling will commence soon! (Great, it is before I got this posted and mum says it is the wrong sewing machine, she is mad at me. She is putting away things she has had out for ages, because I don’t know how to put them away. She said I yell–NOTE: my whole childhood was being yelled at. She is incredibly upset with me and told me to be quiet and leave her alone. Staying in the basement and drinking glucerna for my meals today.)

I’m very happy we got some snow!!!!!

10 thoughts on “Odd Day Out North

  1. Life is full of surprises – good, bad, and just frustrating.
    I think you are doing brilliantly dealing with all the s%%t life has been throwing at you. And, life is a better aim than your shitty newspaper guy. 😊
    I hope your mum doesn’t drive you over the edge into a big box of chocolates. ❤❤❤
    And I’m a brilliant kisser, and pretty good at penetrative sex.
    Lots of hugs. 💕💕💕💕💕

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