When a word isn’t

Most of you know, I love words. I like the magic of putting sounds together to make a new sound (or a misleading sound meaning something else!). I enjoy the cadence of sentences when they roll off the tongue in the mind (or in audial speech). Because I hear letters as words, I sometimes get confused.

My sister, ages ago, asked me if I knew mum was Deeinar. I had no clue what that was, I wondered what sort of disease mum had been diagnosed with. And then I got it. DNR is Do Not Resuscitate. I knew this, I had helped mum sign that paperwork.

My eldest (this was sort of more than surprising, but I went with it!) asked me if I knew what Beedeessiem was. (honestly, I think bad phone reception was part of the problem with both of these words I was trying to identify). I was totally clueless on the phrase or word. I spelled it over and over in my mind trying to figure it out. When he added ‘Shades of Grey’, I felt like a total dingbat. BDSM. Yes, I do know what that is and we discussed it. I also reminded him he has been playing with ropes since a toddler and excelled with knots in scouting. (There’s not a merit badge for what he enjoys now, but everything you do becomes a part of who you are.)

When I was researching acronyms, I discovered something else (I also can’t pronounce or spell that dadburn word!). Most of the words commonly used as an acronym are actually words known as initialism. The acronym is a word created from the initial letters or syllables of other words, creating a word. NASA, for instance. Others, like the ones I mentioned above, are an acronym that isn’t pronounced as a word but must be read letter by letter. Which makes perfect sense as to why I couldn’t understand what those two ‘words’ were! I was attempting to sound out a word from letters that didn’t mean anything unless referred to by their letter. (although, since the majority of people know them as the same thing, it is ok to ignore this entire post, except for my following query!)

So, in retrospect, is most texting made up of acronyms or initialism? I’m going to sign off and say this is SWAK (not really, I don’t kiss laptop screens…or knee them!!) and do some more writing. TTFN, my friends!


28 thoughts on “When a word isn’t

  1. I can’t stand acronyms. I use little happy faces and “lol” quite a bit. The birth of the internet really embedded itself into me.

    But as the years ticked by, everything became an acronym and writing out a txt became commonplace and well, I am oldfashioned, lol. I still open doors for women, say yes/no mam/miss/sir and still in txt’s limit myself to “lol”. I generally type out all other words. I didn’t mean to rant, 🙂

    I don’t care if it takes more time. lol

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  2. You are indeed a wordsmith.
    I too love words and well-constructed sentences.
    I don’t really do acronyms at all.
    I’m a yachtsman, I know ropes and knots, I’m not certain if that’s a good thing sexually, or not.
    ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. Hahahaha..
    I love learning new words too..

    And you mentioned some words have to be said in letters.. like UPS…

    Talking to my mom one day about something being delivered.. she said ups came” I was confused 🤷‍♀️.. I don’t know anyone name ups..

    So after a few minutes of trying to understand what she was saying.. and she explained who she was talking about.. I realize she .. meant U.P.S…

    I laugh 😆 so hard..,

    But thank god for smart phones.. I now can just click on the words and get the meaning or ask google.. what is …..?????

    So I’m with you kris..

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  4. I learned to hate acronyms from my first day in the Navy. We had barely been off the bus at bootcamp for fifteen minutes and were already screamed at that we looked like a bunch of girls, would never become Sailors, and our fathers were ashamed of us. When our drill instructor ran out of cuss words and stopped spitting in our faces for, oh, ten seconds or so, the guy next to me said, “BOHICA.” The drill instructor heard him spelling it out for me and for the next ten minutes all but one of us, 59 men, had to do pushups while the BOHICA guy stood at attention and chanted in a very loud voice, “Bend Over Here It Comes Again” at the top of each of our pushups. That was the longest ten minutes of my life.
    I can’t stand acronyms in writing, texting, any form. It smacks of laziness to me. I guess I’m old fashioned; I still say groovy and Heavens to Murgatroyd (for laughs, but still….).

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