how long is this month?

This particular week has been ridiculous. Mum won’t be seeing the pain doctor we thought she might, that one isn’t accepting any more medicare patients. Stupid. So, now we wait to see if we can get her in somewhere else. In one week I need to be in Oregon in order to have labs done for my appointment on the 29th. I think I might end up canceling that appointment. I’ll wait a few more days first.

Mum went out on Wednesday afternoon. She used to be on the board for the nearby senior center and went to a meeting for the first time in more than a year. She was absolutely exhausted when she returned, in tons of pain, but she enjoyed herself. She brought home a lovely soft roll of sourdough bread (which went very well with the chicken soup I made. I make a VERY good chicken soup, not many people have tasted it, but I think it is yummy!) and a package of cinnamon rolls covered in maple frosting. Thankfully, I am cautious when it comes to treats like those. I’d eat many if I could. She said she wasn’t fond of them, but I noticed this morning (Thursday) there are more than the half of one I ate missing!

I purchased another box of 10 fittings this month. Mum’s already had to open them. She’s not tracking well, but I am told that is my imagination. She’s been putting puzzles together and tossing out ones with pieces missing. Unfortunately, many times there are pieces on the floor after she’s done them. I went to the newspaper place and the person in charge of deliveries said he’ll talk to the guy tossing them in the drive. It was also brought to my attention I should probably move the box to the other side of the driveway.  A task which will NOT be easy for this short person with few muscles. The box has been where it is for at least more than a few years, you would think someone would have mentioned it wasn’t right! (I’ll wait til the ground is softer, first.) Maybe I’ll just install a net……


I have errands again today, so I had better get moving! Have a great day out there in your worlds and if you feel like someone is near you, it just might be me!!!!

Hugs and kisses!

16 thoughts on “how long is this month?

  1. Oh that sneaky old mom, eating all those goodies. maybe your newspaper guy has changed, or changed the way they run the route, so the box is on an inconvenient side of the street. just a guess from a former paper boy. regardless of the side, it doesn’t make much sense why they can’t put it in the box. keep complaining, or they’ll think it’s OK, and keep being lazy. and since I’m reading this on my laptop… it’s almost as if you’re right here with me… sitting on my lap. you know… you don’t even seem all that heavy. a little warm, but not heavy at all. 😈

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