Winter Cat Nips

A snowflake is winter’s butterfly. -unknown

I love winter. I can’t say it is my favorite season, but it is pretty wonderful. (I think spring is actually my favorite season. Growing up in AK, spring was a long, drawn out affair that started with snow melting and ended with tourists. Spring in Oregon is the most magical thing in the world!) At any rate, this is about winter and cats.

One of the particular frustrations I have with the December holidays is snow as décor. Snow is not just for Christmas, winter doesn’t even start til the 21st of December! I get so annoyed with snow and winter decorations being moved off shelves at the end of the 12th month. So, I stand up for this most beautiful time of the year. My house, in those first days of January, has the Christmas stuff put away and the winter stuff unboxed. Snowmen, penguins, snowflake designs, sleds, and winter minus the Christmas motif.

One summer, during Cub Scout Daycamp, I had used upholstery tubes for rocket projects (Being a Day Camp Program Director takes up a huge section of my volunteer list). These tubes tend to replicate, they always end up underfoot, and needed to be used. Looking online, I noticed snowmen could be made from anything and are any sort of shape. So, I decided to make a snowman family from a white upholstery tube or two and added a cat. Because well, cats! I think they were one of my best snowman projects. (even if I often need to re glue whiskers or noses! I often wonder how they get mangled all alone in the box on a shelf for months. Very odd…)


9 thoughts on “Winter Cat Nips

  1. Love this☺️I’m with you on the winter decorations. Heck, I’m not even in a rush to take away the Christmas things either…I once waited until Valentines, ha!😛

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  2. Super cute and what great use for the tubes. I once made a snowman using a white sock and filling it with rice. You cut of the toes which later becomes his hat. Separate the body by tying a string around its neck, later to be covered with a felt scarf and stick pins with bright heads into his body for buttons and eyes and voila, you’re done.

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