Pride and Thankfulness


I made a mistake. I was so proud of myself for taking such good care of mum’s finances and this month I blew it. It could have been worse, thank God it wasn’t. I forgot it was January. The month of premiums and the full price meds. Plus, I got those tickets to Oregon at the end of Dec and then the ones north for today. Last night, I had to use my Oregon debit card to pay for groceries. (I’ll need to put it back, The Craftsman will be surprised..) Anyway, I tumbled hard from my proud ledge and it hurt. I thought it was mostly fixed til I got home and went online. Another one of the bills I have taken from the account came thru after 6 pm. Electricity is expensive when your whole house is electric. Almost 750$. I transferred quite a bit from savings to checking, but it wasn’t enough.

I was so thankful I had a chance to see my SSC friend. When your soul is so full of tears they spill without any help, it is wonderful to have a friend who cares when you cry. So many things slipped out unexpectedly.

Then, this morning, I went online again. I thought I was going to need to transfer some more and the site was offline. (So screwy when online banking is offline!)  I dinked around a bit and went back. And almost cried. My dad came through again.

Years ago, I was in AK traveling to OR with the boys. HS and grade school age. We’d come to AK for Christmas break and were on our way back. We’d heard there was bad weather in Seattle, but planes were still flying, so it was just information. (I had no idea how important that information would be!) We were in ANC and dad asked if I needed any money. (He may have asked if I wanted it) I told him we’d be fine. We were only going to be in Seattle long enough to change planes and then we’d be in Portland. Piece of cake!

We blithely flew to Seattle to discover the cake had fallen and was on the floor and no one could tell what kind it was. The boys and I were stuck in Seattle for 3 days. Not Seattle, the airport. To this day, this airport is my least favorite place in the world. (granted, I’ve not been in too many airports, but after three days any airport will drive you nuts!) We did manage to run into a friend from the town we lived in. She was traveling with her 2 younger girls from Sweden. We got together and it was much better, but the boys and I quickly ran out of cash.

I decided then I would most likely never ever turn down the offer of cash when traveling. I may not want it, I may not use it, but I’d have it! Today, with the advent of debit cards, it would be less stressful. Maybe.

So, yeah, Dad came through with help again. His SS had been deposited and I’m so thankful dad is watching over things, still. I do miss you, Daddy. Thank you.


8 thoughts on “Pride and Thankfulness

  1. Bittersweet my friend and I’m glad you received the help you needed. Whether unexpected or at the most vulnerable moment, the universe keeps us in her thoughts if we believe and gives us exactly what we need at the moment. Always in my thoughts and thinking about you always. Hugs


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