Pasta today, trees tomorrow.


I might have mentioned this song before. It is an old one about a meatball rolling out the door and eventually ending up mush. It has a happy ending, though. The next summer, all that mush becomes a meatball tree. I mention this song for two reasons. First, I’m mushy (not mushy as in sweet and lovey, mushy like well, mush! I’m also pasta, not meat.). Second, I might be mush today, but in a few months, I could turn into a tree!

In the last 24 hours I’ve been pasta mush. Not the firm tasty kind you bite into and close your eyes and hum. The overcooked kind from when you dump the pasta into boiling water and pick up the book you were reading and find out finishing the chapter was really finishing several chapters and now the pasta is boiled into sludge only good for swallowing without teeth or being put into a casserole and re-identified as something else. (yes, I have done this before in real life. My family is used to it!)

I have been reading blogs as they come thru my emails, it has been good to see words from people I admire and look up to. I’ve been writing now and then (it is a lot of work, it can take hours to finish one post!). Yet, I’m so tired. When I post, it is daunting to actually put the comments I’ve thought into the blogs I follow. Putting one foot in front of the other is where I’m at. Even the ‘plans’ I’ve made in this last week have morphed into something else. Or are in stasis.

Talked to The Craftsman yesterday morning and mentioned the changes which might be happening. He was disappointed. I’ve had a couple texts since then-they took down the tree last night and he told me goodnight this evening. Strider called me today. He’s loving having a place of his own, is concerned about moving the chickens to his new abode with the dropping temps in the VA area (I really wish I could be the flea in the car as he moves them in his ford focus to a new city……), and said he’d come up if I wanted him to. (he wouldn’t bring the chickens!)

Mum wandered into the basement while I was gone this afternoon. (She really does not like having me muddle her things about. It is her house, after all!) Today was one of her good days. I’m a tad nervous about Friday. I shouldn’t be. It will be as normal as her regular visits. I’m sure of this…but, it might not be. She fried up the rest of the roast for dinner tonight, there were hard bits, but since she made it, she could eat it. (unless she gave them to Obi on the sly)

Meanwhile, I finally managed to shower (I’ve been putting it off, hoping to house elf. Since I didn’t today, I dragged myself into the shower at mum’s). I keep wanting to put my head down on the keyboard and cry or go back to sleep. I’ve already slept for ages this morning and evening. I think I offended a beautiful person who works with mum. I’m even too tired to read. Total pasta mush.

I am taking my meds again. My glucose has been pretty darn good, too. I’m just soul tired. I was outside to get the paper this morning (it was IN the box, third day in a row!!! Perhaps the paper guy made a resolution?) and was too nervous on the ice to ground myself. (irony!!!)

Good night from AK and know my thoughts are with you.




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