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It may not surprise you, but I love books and words and sentences. I love the melding of ideas into a form where it can be shared via language. (Oddly, math is one of those ideas and forms which doesn’t need translation. Well, except around me!) Books are my escape, my happy place, or whatever you might want to call it. An addiction. Not reading would be like not breathing. I tried to give up fiction for Lent one year. Couldn’t do it.

I’ve been seeing people posting reading lists or ‘join me in books for the next year’, ‘read a book a month’, and so on. This seems odd. I know there is a word in our world to explain why people who read do not want to (alliteracy was discussed extensively at one of the library board meetings I attended. It is frightening to find people who can read and won’t.). I realise how important books are. I did try once to write down the books I read in a year. It was hard. Not because I didn’t read, but because I read so much I would forget to record what I’d read (This last sentence is rather fun! It reads in two different ways!). Then, I’d have the problems of ‘Do I count books I’ve read before?’ ‘Do I count novellas?’ ‘Does a really long one count more than one book?’ and the hardest one of all, ‘Does a bad book count as a book at all?’ With the exception of the last query, I think I have them all sorted under everything is a book and can be counted accordingly. (Bad books I don’t usually finish, so I can’t record it if it isn’t done!)

I read books over and over, so that first question drives others nuts. But, I do hate leaving my friends alone on pages. They wait so patiently for someone to find them and bring them to life. Does it really matter I know most of their dialogue by heart? I know many people don’t understand how someone can read a book more than once. If it is a bad one, I’d agree. However, I enjoy them and I can learn something from them. The majority of the books I devour are fiction. I rarely read a non-fiction more than once. I will take notes as I read a non-fiction book. This means I have pages of my own filled with musings and quotes from someone else. (Often illegible to anyone but myself!) This is because I detest writing anything in a book beyond my name!

Book care is incredibly important to me. I’ll mark pages with sticky notes, receipts, library book check out slips, and book markers. In Oregon, I’d make bookmarkers to carry around and give them to people mistreating books. If someone has a book open, splayed spine, I cringe and give them a marker. Total strangers have seen the hand of my indignant self slide a handmade marker onto their book or next to their luncheon plate. Startled, they would look at me and I’d tell them to use the marker, cuz it hurts the book to be bent that way. Often, they do. Librarians have stories of things people use to mark their pages. I hope my small gifts protect a few books out there! As mentioned, I don’t write in anything but a study book or my bible, which is also a study book!

So, what do I read? Cereal boxes, shampoo bottles, (I tend to skim some of mum’s mail that has too many pages of stuff on insurances and what not) fiction of all kinds, non-fiction of some sorts (poetry, biographies, autobiographies, history, gardening, and a few others), emails and blogs! I love kid lit, erotica, romances, and stories that make me laugh. Fantasy is a huge favorite and sci-fi makes for a great read, as well. If I was stranded on an island and had a book, I’d probably want ‘Daddy Long Legs’ by Jean Webster. (I wrote about this book earlier in this blog)

Blogging friend Jack passed onto me a note which held a rather profound bit of wisdom. He mentioned (at that time) we were on page two of a 365 page book. THIS is an idea I can wrap my brain around. As I live each page in my book of this year, I will also read words by others. Stories help create a person. The thoughts and ideas you ingest become a part of you. Granted, some get sorted and tossed out, but most of them stay firmly set in a busy brain. (There must be a ton of room in mine, I’m always losing thoughts!) I am going to record the books I’ve read, just to see if I can. So far, in 2018, I’ve read two. I know I’ve read one for sure. I’m pretty sure the other one was after the new year started. Unfortunately, I read at least two others this last weekend. It was before the first, so I shouldn’t count them. (One was a fun YA story, ‘Train to Anguish’ by SE Isaac.)

I have 6 on my ipad to travel with. I’m not going to check out any more from the library, if I leave, I leave in a week. A rather busy week full of many sorts of things. I was going to get more ebooks, but my gift cert balance is low again. (For now!) I may take one of ……..books with me, too. Paper doesn’t use batteries! If I don’t leave, well, I have books! With my birthday coming up in a few weeks, I’ll most likely get another gift card, so I can get more. (I’ll probably purchase an audio book or two for the house, too.)

So many books, so little time! Remember that haunting ‘Twilight Zone’ episode about the man who survived a nuclear blast and now had time to read….but his glasses broke? (Time Enough at Last) That always bothered me. Why didn’t he have an old spare tucked away????? (this episode may be why I rarely donate my old glasses!)


7 thoughts on “To read…

  1. A book a month? I know I read less these days than I used to. If I didn’t listen to or record podcasts, I could easily read 3 books a week, or 2 if they were long ones. Even so, this past year I red something like 82 books.

    Have you considered joining Goodreads? You still have to let them know the books you’re reading, but it can help set reading goals, or join friends who read, or follow favorite authors.

    I think it counts to read the same book.

    I used to read the same books endlessly, especially if you count Dr Suess books, and other stories that kids demand until the pages are memorized. Otherwise, I’m more prone to read classics over again. I used to read heavily in non-fiction. Any more, I do more fiction, but I still like history or biography.

    Since all the books I read are in some form of digital or audio… no dog eared pages for me. Bookmarking is easy, but I haven’t found many ways to highlight, or take notes. Not without writing things down in a separate document.


  2. I was going to ask about Goodreads as well. I joined this year so I can keep track.
    A book a month? If I’m not done with a 400 paged book in 3 days, I probably won’t ever finish it.
    I love fiction! Especially Hames Patterson, Johnathan Kellerman, Stephen King, Patricia Cornwell… I could go on and on.
    Also, the Kindle has a bunch of free books to read and you can have it as an app for your phone which might give you a few more books (I’m not sure if you have to be a prime member to get the free books).

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  3. Awww! You mentioned my book!!!! 😮 I am honored!

    Also, OMG! I was laughing, picturing you slipping bookmarks to complete strangers! HA! Bookmarks are always part of my author swag I give out. That is my way of saving a book. “Save a book, give a bookmark”. We should get shirts made. lol

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