Get Fit Cat Nips!

My idea of exercise is a good brisk sit.  ~Phyllis Diller


There is a family in the town I live in who chooses someone to gift something special to each year. It doesn’t matter who they are, they give them something fun. A few years back, they gave us the parts to make the Wii a Wii Fit. Moses found the balance board rather pawsome and any time it is out, he sits on it. If you use the board, he tries to get on it, too. I have enough trouble with the darn thing in the first place (there are a few games which require balance and high places. I tend to close my eyes and end up losing the game and stepping on tails or toes!), Moses does not help. Little Bear added Moses to the roster (yes, you can add your pets to the Wii line up of players) and he has an orange profile. It is a tad disturbing to find the cat might be more active than one of the humans, not sure how that works. (Perhaps cats helped design the games….) In the new year, people tend to resolve to lose weight or get fit or do whatever they need to in order to find their perfect body. I guarantee, having a cat underfoot is a good way to push aside those resolutions and sit down with a book (he then ditches the board in place of the lap).

Sadly, Moses, as a polydactyl, is getting arthritic. He’s not much on jumping anymore, but he’ll still attempt to take over any place he deems might belong to him.


6 thoughts on “Get Fit Cat Nips!

    • Walking is something I enjoy–I’ve not done much this last year. I hate being away from mum for too long. Shopping is a necessity, walking is just being outside.


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