Christmas or Bust..

What a bizarre couple of days! Christmas Eve Day started early. Mum’s waste bag blew. (Literally!) She was sleeping on it and it was very full and…well, yeah. I have been letting her sleep a bit longer than 4 am. Partly cuz she thinks she can wake herself (sometimes she does) and partly cuz after she wakes up, she turns off her oxygen and sleeps on the couch. She breathes better with oxygen and doesn’t like to use it. (odd how one can breathe better with oxygen…..)

She decided she wanted to attend church, I was skeptical, but she was determined. Mum and I have never sat near each other in church and this Sunday was no different. In fact, oddly, I sat in an entire pew by myself! (I was behind the SSC and a good friend I used to babysit. She is now a grown up very learned teacher! I love that girl and her twin.) Mum decided she wanted to go downstairs after church to socialize. I get this, but to get mom down there you have to drive around the block. (there are a lot of stairs in the church) Eventually, she got to the car and we drove to the basement. She didn’t get out right away. She tested her blood in the cold car (because it was too embarrassing), left her coat in the car (it was too much work to haul it inside), and did remember her cane. She had forgotten her insulin at the house (she didn’t forget it, she didn’t want to bring it. I was letting her make her own choices….) and took it when we got back a couple hours later. I opted to leave and attend another service that evening. It was identical to the morning service (same pastor, different church) and yet not the same at all. The theme was along the lines of the song by Mark Lowry ‘Mary, did you know?’ (thank you, Keith—I got to share some thoughts on that song with his listeners...) Afterwards, I put gas in mum’s car and it didn’t work right. The Craftsman told me what happened was normal, the SSC told me how to not make it happen again.


I also purchased a very delicious smelling and looking beverage that actually wasn’t. Not even with the addition of a fruit cup! (it was a club cocktail in a can, peach flavored) I should have gotten ice cream.

The day/night was completely not like any of the other Eve’s I’ve had in the last years. In fact, the 2016 Eve was probably one of my favorites. It was busy with friends and relations, I went to one service at mum’s church (it was packed as usual for Christmas Eve candlelight services), and then the SSC took me to another one later and I also think I tasted a yummy wine and….. Thinking about past Christmas times, I was encouraged to embrace the memories of ones with mum where she was well…mom-like. I honestly cannot remember many times when I sat on her lap or asked her for help or had her ‘fix’ me up pretty. Especially on holidays.

There was one Christmas Eve I remember. We were at my grandparents in MN. (my sister and I were the oldest grands and I’m not sure the others were old enough to even know what was going on). The tree was crowded underneath and all of us opened everything that night. It was so much fun!!! Then, the next morning, there were MORE presents!!! (I do recall wondering why Santa brought my grandpa a shoebox of cigarettes, but reckoned was a grown up thing!)

Mum got up early (thankfully, she was awake. My uncle called her before 730 in the morning!) and fiddled around. I made sure she had her presents and she was thrilled to have new Eeyore jammies. I washed clothes and hung out online. I even messaged one of my good friends, SFC.  I had to wake mum to go to my sister’s. Jake, I think, was at a party on Sunday night. She made us a breakfast for lunch and it was not up to her usual holiday fare. It was yummy, but sparse! ( I ate way too much of the cinnamon something or other she made. It was pretty, like a flower. Apparently, it is a Jewish bread..) After playing ‘Banangrams’, we wended our way back north. Mum was super tired (I took a 30 min nap), but called her sister and talked for HOURS. After my nap, I left to go and do something for someone else. Which was really rather funny.

I hadn’t been able to do any house elf things for my friend and was truly looking forward to it. I arrived at the house, turned down the TV, changed into my elfwear (shorts and a tank top), and found my phone had a new text. He was returning with the women he was supposed to be visiting!!! It was the Clash of the Christmas Chicks! (OK, not really. But the wording sounded good!) I quickly skimmed back into my real clothes, incredibly thankful I’d not hauled out any cleaning stuff, and flew out the door.(I hope I locked it, I was a very flustered elf!!! ) I’m lucky I put my shirt on properly! I drove back out north and stopped in a parking lot to look out at the inlet (I decided not to go to the beach, there was a ship in and I can go later.). I called The Craftsman and found out they have a lot of snow in Oregon (my friend, Cir, texted me a Christmas morning photo with snow in the San Juan Islands!), he got the pipes to the kitchen drain fixed (after several years—Hooray!), and was pleasantly relaxed from a friends and family Christmas dinner he and Little Bear attended. I also got a text which told me I could have stayed where I was going to elf. (the funny part!) I took some photos of Christmas lights on the way back to mum’s and got home barely after mum finished talking to her sister (Mum had taken 2 pain pills before calling…) and just before dinner. (Which was a tasty English muffin with jam on one half and an egg with pork on the other.)

Jake called to tell me she forgot to give mum her Christmas flowers (mum was put out when I mentioned the flowers were at their house. She felt like Jake had forgotten her and she gave Jake a pretty nice gift for Hanukah….eye roll!). Mum is trying to do a jig saw puzzle, she retired the one she was doing yesterday. It was too hard. This one she says is easier. I’d help her, but that would require conversation. Which is a difficult thing to engage in. We were driving to Jakes’ and I decided to tell mum that the guys had needed to shovel a lot of snow this morning. I mentioned I’d been sent a photo of the walk a couple of hours later and it didn’t look like they’d done anything. Mom replied, ‘Is it snowing there?’

I think I’m ready for the Christmas weekend to be over.


9 thoughts on “Christmas or Bust..

  1. Oh, how I have missed your posts! HA. I will not do a hiatus from the blog world for a very long time. I miss reading about you, your mum, and the sarcasm that glues it all together! LOL

    Perhaps, the church should invest in one of those electric stair chairs. You know, the kind you sit on and it takes you up or down the stairs. My grandmother’s church had one. I remember being a child and staring at the person using it & thinking ‘Maaan, it’s going to take them forever to get there’. Now that I am older, I look at the person and think ‘lucky bastard. My back hurts and I hate stairs.’ (chronic back issues. yay, me! lol)

    Did the shovel boys ever show?

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