Up the Down Staircase

(Which was actually a super fun play/book/movie, as well as being apt for my week!)

You gotta focus on the bright spots in life. The Christmas bulbs that are not working are to be overlooked because the darkness can overwhelm you easily. This said, I’m staying away from FB as a whole this weekend. I cannot be cheerful in the light of other’s joy. I’m too tired of pretending. I’m going to live in Christmas past this year, where the brightness is.


I was able to see part of ‘Wonder Woman’ on Friday with the SSC. Looking forward to seeing the rest someday! (I was annoyed it was accidentally set to the main menu while watching, but glad because I did have errands and it made us take a break.) I got home and the lovely lady visiting mum had brought ME flowers, too! (I love flowers. My basement has a lovely spot of Christmas color and I’m entirely grateful.) I saw the lady at the store after she visited mum and she didn’t tell me she brought me flowers. It was a complete surprise when I came home. (Well, not a complete surprise. I came home and mum told me there were flowers for me downstairs from her friend.) I was thankful the friend came over, mum had decided to go shopping with me and opted out with the advent of her friend. And that meant I could visit the SSC to hang out and watch a movie! (I also hope to watch the entirety of ‘Love Actually’ someday. Although, seeing Alan Rickman makes me want to burst into tears.) I even took a few lights photos.

Saturday dawned in a gorgeous display of clouds. I took several photos, thinking of Jack’s great shots. Looking up is such a grand way to live. (Except when you forget to pay attention to your feet and trip.) I had to go to the pharmacy. The one miles away. Mum, because she is taking care of herself, blew through 3 of her fittings in one day. That meant there were 5 left. She didn’t have any paste. I asked if I should go and she figured I probably should. I’ll pick up 20 more on Thursday next. (the pharmacy stop was almost as much as my plane ticket, minus the part from here to ANC) I met with a super good friend and ate a reindeer sausage bagel wrap. Very chewy and greasy and tasty. I thought it was a nice ironic snack with it the day before Christmas Eve. (I was also having a rather low glucose, I think I will take less insulin for my am shot. I seem to be going lower than I like even after a solid breakfast of an egg and an English muffin, one half with some sugar free jam)

Went from there to pick up ‘my’ Christmas present. Mum said I needed something for Christmas and so I picked up some essential oils. I am kind of cheap and only get the spendy stuff when necessary. So, I reckon I spent $15 on my present. Clove and frankincense are two of my favorites.  (I also saw VALENTINE candy out.)


Also stopped at a car place where I purchased a button set so I can fix the shoulder strap in mum’s car. The SSC (Sexy Smart Cookie) told me how to work the ‘simple’ button and I’m very glad there are two in the packet. (I reckon I might need two, in case part of one gets dropped, lost, or broken as I affix it to the strap!) Most cars have little stops or a clip to keep the seat belt snapping thing from sliding down the strap to the floor. Mum’s was plastic and broken eons ago. I’ve been meaning to fix it and have had a terrible time finding a piece for it. I reckon buttons will do as well as a whole sliding clip. (Unless the slit in the seat belt snapping thing is wider than the button on the strap….oh dear…..this could be bad. I’ll need to work on this tomorrow..) I snagged a chance to visit with another friend (I do have some of the very best friends!) after my brief learning stop. It was icy and I slid on the road a bit, but eventually reached home. Home, where I got all grumpy super-fast all over again.

Mum descended into the basement this afternoon, saw her Christmas presents I’d gotten her (I hadn’t wrapped them yet, probably won’t now.), wandered around looking for things (fabric and a scissors), and I think I’m VERY glad I put my mini vibrator away the other day!!!!! I’m so annoyed with her. She commented she didn’t know what she was going to do with the drain in the basement. (SHE hasn’t done anything with it. When her drains were messed up 4 years ago and she was doing dishes in a bucket in her sink, I’m the one who called the company to start our life long relationship with them.) She has also said the reason her fittings keep going is cuz of the fats in the yogurt I bought her. (it is non fat) She said the Greek kind is a lot worse.

I got three texts from The Craftsman. One about the snow, another about the low temp (colder there in Oregon than here in AK!), and one saying good night. Strider (the older kid) sent me a couple of texts today, too. He bought a real Christmas tree for his new house and had to cut off the top of it. He couldn’t cut off the bottom because the trunk was a bit odd. Then, he sent photos. I laughed!

May you all have a wonderful Christmas Eve Day and there is only ‘one more sleep til Christmas’ here in the western parts of the world. (more Muppets!)


11 thoughts on “Up the Down Staircase

  1. Revel in the ghost of Krismas past. All the bad memories filtered out, and dream of the happy times in your head.

    Saw Wonder Woman. Loved it. I was pleasantly surprised they idn’t ruin it by dosing it with too many of modern ideology, and sticking to the time period.

    Keith Heltsley

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  2. All the best to you and yours Kris. Wish you lots of joy, peace and love for 2018. Ha, ha.. It is good that you had put your vibrator away so your mom did not see it. That would had been awkward!
    I shall refrain from commenting about it. I don’t know you well enough, yet. Take care.

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