Festive Cat Nips

It is remarkable, in cats, that the outer life they reveal to their masters is one of perpetual boredom. ~Robley Wilson, Jr.


This last week before the 25th is always busy for two and four leggers alike. Granted, the four leggers tend to be a bit more laid back than the rest of us! Maxwell T. Silverstone is most definitely a cat of savoir faire and some of it may be street!  (I may have mentioned he was born in a barn, ended up with the name Rooster Cogburn, then was adopted out again to our family, where he fits in very well.) He has the absolute softest fur I’ve ever caressed and takes up a minimum of space when he sleeps with you. (Moses uses up most of the pillow and half the bed)

During these last days before Christmas (and actually after, just because I love to bake!), I do a ton of baking. I bake dozens and dozens of cookies to give to our neighbors, to send to people in care packages (many of those persons are authors!), and to send to work with the guys. (The guys also eat a hefty portion themselves. I’ve never understood how anyone can manage to keep 5 or 6 dozen cookies around longer than a week between lunches and snacks.) I remember when Little Bear was in his 12th year of High School, he was supposed to bring cookies to his English class. He wanted to make candy cane chocolate chip ones.  I had him put the blobs on parchment paper, cuz they are a very sticky cookie. However, I forgot something. My cookie sheets don’t have edges. When I popped the sheet in the oven, I angled the pan for sliding inside. And the paper slid off onto the racks. The whole thing burst into flame! Little Bear was already a volunteer fireman and quickly closed the door, then told me to wait. (I was incredibly nervous and kept looking at the fire extinguisher!) When we opened it a bit later, all the evidence was gone! We decided then that candy canes are one of the more flammable candies.

Maxwell would have had a complete catfit if we’d needed the fire extinguisher. He does NOT enjoy loud raucous noises. He also hides when the neighbors come by to sing Christmas carols while Moses does the meet and head butting on shins thing. Maxwell T. doesn’t mind festivity, as long as it is on his terms!

Enjoy this song by Billy Joel from a GREAT Disney movie. ‘Oliver and Company‘. (youtube)


5 thoughts on “Festive Cat Nips

  1. Maxwell T Silverstone ~ what a great name for a cat ~ C. S. Lewis would be proud of that one.
    I love cooking, but I just can’t bake, so I envy your cookies ~ send some my way,,,,
    Great song by Billy Joel.
    Hugs to you, I hope you’re feeling better today. ❤ ❤ ❤

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