I laughed when I read this sign under ‘Logan’. It reads ‘NO snow plow parking at the curbs!’ Wonder what he’ll do….

I didn’t go and get the trim for the kuspuk my sister is making me. It was a very long day of having mum with me and it would be a cold day in hell if I voluntarily took her into JoAnne’s! (I didn’t even stop at the cell phone store so mum wouldn’t get a small blizzard for lunch-Dairy Queen is almost next door and she does like DQ! It didn’t matter, though. She got a shake at Arby’s.)

Wednesday was mostly annoying. My yahoo mail boxes are not working properly (I have 3 addresses and only one of them is being completely consistent.), I slid in and out of the drive and side road connected to the drive, got way too stuffed on pizza, didn’t hear from The Craftsman, and fell in the snow. However, I was asked to help out with a Christmas project, am reading ‘Heidi’ (One of those ‘feel good’ stories), and saw a few meteors.

Mum got mad at me this morning. It was really my fault. I should have thought before speaking (I did that several times today, was thoughtless!). She had gotten up early and when I went upstairs at 815 to get my breakfast, she had already done hers. She had left her Humalog pen out on the counter and a cap to a syringe tip. I looked in the fridge and found the Lantus pen minus the tip. I then asked her if she had taken her shot and where. She indignantly said, ‘My belly.’ I asked her where the syringe tip was. (Thinking illogically that it was stuck inside her!) She said she threw it away. I was very stern sounding and asked her how. She said she twisted it off with her fingers! I got VERY upset and told her you never do that, you always cap the needle before removing the tip, and it was dangerous. She seemed to think I was making too big a deal out of the situation. (I have gotten snagged by the needle tip before and it HURTS and bleeds and is not a good thing! But, I should have been a bit calmer.)

Later, I finally went to the post. I had expected mum to do it, she said she would, but deemed it too icy. She wanted me to get 3 boxes in the mail or they would not get there by Christmas. (I was rather uncaring, but put them in the car. It doesn’t matter if boxes arrive on Christmas—ours didn’t always and it just made the holiday longer.) It really was super icy and I slid leaving the drive. Oddly, the newspaper was in the drive (part of why I slid, I had to avoid running over it!), but mum didn’t get yesterday’s. When I returned, it was slightly uphill and it was not easy. I slid a couple of times! After dinner, I changed mum’s fitting for her. She had done it herself earlier. This was the first time I have changed it in a while. She has said I could, but wouldn’t let me help her.(Because she’s quite able to do it herself.) I’m glad I have a new unopened box. I probably should have picked up another one on Tuesday.

It was almost 11pm when I went up to check on mum. She was telling me about the meteor shower tonight and how there could be 30 seen (she didn’t say in how long). She had been out and witnessed some in just a few minutes (her number varied from telling to telling from 5 to 15). She shamed me into going outside. (I’m working on overcoming this, I really am!) So, I trekked to the end of the drive with a container of ice melting pellets in hand (so I could sprinkle and walk and not fall!). I ran out, so I went back to the garage to fill the container again. I eventually got to the end of the drive and across the road where I stared at the sky veiled in wispy clouds. I saw a few meteors, but nothing as amazing at the August show. The Perseids meteors often have longer tails, they resemble delicate embroidery needles trailing silver threads as they dart in the sky. The December showing of the Geminid generally have much shorter tails. More like sewing needles stuck in dark cloth.

At first it was warm out and I took this photo and sent it to The Craftsman. (I knew I’d not hear from him, it was quite late Oregon time. But, we’ll see how he responds. I was being daring! I also sent him the second photo of the cat.) I had taken off my sweatshirt and was sitting on my polarfleece jacket on a snowbank, I didn’t leave my sweatshirt off very long, which was a good thing! It got much colder when I decided to stand up straight, got dizzy, and fell over into the icy snow. (As soon as mum goes to bed, I’m taking a shower. I am still chilled!) I stumbled up from the frozen ground, stabilized myself on the snowbank, and decided to put on my jacket. It had adhered to the snow!! I peeled it off like Velcro and found the back was covered in ice balls, even draping it over my shoulder was cold. By this time, the sky was clear where I was (I had called the SSC and it wasn’t in his area) and I was able to mark almost 15 in the 45 minutes I was outside. Pretty amazing display, if you discount the snow fall. (not the awesome white stuff dancing down from the sky, just basic light vertigo.)

Thankful for those warming bits of good in this otherwise cold sort of day. (and the shower, which I did finally get and nothing flooded!)

13 thoughts on “Cold

  1. #1) BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You kill me with the bold things you add in parenthesis! You’ve been saying Craftsman and I thought it was a repair person. Is it actually a fling? I need to go stalk your past blogs. LOL I hope it’s a fling and not a repairman because once he sees THAT picture, he’ll want a fling 😉 (cute cat BTW )

    #2) you have some of the weirdest luck. Falling, ice skating in your vehicle, near mishaps with newspapers, etc. Although I guess weird luck is better than my bad luck. lol

    #3) Refer to #1

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  2. Sorry to know about the ongoing conflict with your mom. Funny sign. I guess the poor snow plows will have to hover.

    No blizzards. Good for you. No need to be a fascilitator to the sweet, tasty treat habit. Although, what mom wants, she finds a way to get. Besides, you are what you eat, and if mom needs to be more sweet and tasty… Well…

    Emails. I hate when that happens. Technology.

    How come sliding on ice and engorging on pizza is only cool if you’re college age or younger? It’s not fair I tell you!

    And what’s up with that Craftsman guy? You really, really need to make an appointment with him to haul your car into his shop, and get a full, bumper to bumper tune up. Even if it takes all day, and he has to cancel all his other work to make it happen.

    Yea! Hope the Christmas thing is a nice distraction. Boooks just for feel good fun are nice. Meteors are nice. The August ones may be more abundant, but they’re good anytime.

    Uh-oh. Making mom mad… it happens. At least you’re mature enough to take the blame.

    A needle cap stuck inside? Ouch! Can that happen?

    i think i would trust the word of a long time diabetic on this one. A lesson in bedside manner, I guess.

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    • I giggled out loud several times when reading this.
      I don’t think you can get the needle cap stuck in a person. I know you can break off a needle, though.
      Stars are awesome, skies are incredible, I love our world!

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