Sew What?


I mentioned the other day that mum was doing something upstairs and making painful sounds. Well, I found out what she was up to. She reorganized her cupboards. Which was not a fun discovery. Now, the baking pans used ALL the time are behind the big pots rarely used on the bottom shelf. I was making painful noises while getting the baking pan out for dinner and will not be putting it away. (maybe it is part of the process of cupboards???)  My knees and legs often ache and don’t support me very well (I’ll get on my knees for certain things, but not EVERYTHING!). Am not sure if it is MS or Diabetes or basic getting older. She’s been sewing on the same project since late yesterday. She’s making a jacket thing from polar fleece and says it is like sewing soapsuds. She’s ripped it up numerous times and has pattern bits and purple and blue frog printed fabric all over the living room. She was making a mermaid tail for my cousin’s youngest. She finally had to put that aside, too. (I know she hasn’t had chemo for over a year. I know the PET scan didn’t show cancer anywhere else. I know the tumor marker numbers have gone down. I also know she is NOT right.)

Since I am going past JoAnne’s Tuesday, I decided to text my sister a question. When she was here the other day, she got fabric to make me an Alaskan shirt/dress. She said she was going to do it last year and didn’t. This year, she has fabric we took from mum’s stash. Mum grudgingly let us have it. (Mum was going to make a jacket for herself from it, which sort of surprised me. It is pretty light cotton.) Anyway, I was told if I wanted trim to find some. So, I we had this texted conversation.


Then, she called me. There really isn’t a set amount of trim cuz there isn’t actually a pattern. It appears it is a word of mouth pattern from someone who got it from someone in Barrow (now spelled with a name that starts with a ‘U’ and is much harder to say and spell!). I wondered if it was stolen! No matter, I’ll purchase trim and figure whatever I get will be enough. Since it is ‘eye balled’, I wonder if she also needs me to measure body parts. (I hope when I send her the measure for my hips, she doesn’t laugh or say anything about how big I am. I know she will, but I can hope she won’t!)

And this is why all my sewing is for play. Literally. I make pillowcases often and when the kid was in theatre, I’d make costumes. Costumes are easy. They are sewn to be sturdy and bobbles are not seen from the audience. (I also make skirts and can sew on buttons!)

I don’t have a full size photo of the second costume anywhere online that I can see. He was a sultan and there was a mirror in the middle of his turban. When kids in the audience grew restless, he’d bend his head so there was a spot on them…He would  not look at them, but the spot would be on them! The first costume was a favorite. Fun stuff!

10 thoughts on “Sew What?

    • When my son was overseas, his staff sgt needed him for a task. He found the eldest hand sewing and was stunned. The staff sgt said to ‘carry on’ and he’d find someone else to do what was needed.


  1. Wow that is so very cool. The sewing I mean not the rearranging of the pots. I bought some material and want to make a little red riding hood cape. I bought the pattern and being not an avid person that knows how to sew, yikes I think I’m in over my head.

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