Twisted Top


Sleeping is a sacred experience. It isn’t just anyone who can get me up before what I term is a decent hour. I don’t have a paying job where I need to clock in and out. I don’t volunteer anywhere I need to look presentable. I shower after midnight (unless I’m doing house elf duties and feel I can snatch the time to take one where I’m elfing!) and sleep when I can. Unfortunately, not being a cat means my rest patterns are a bit muddled!

I’m also a gal with a fairly frisky libido. Lately, my last reads are erotic in nature. Some nights I play and imagine others I actually sleep and dream. It is crazy what kinds of the latter occur. I don’t remember them (I wish I could!!!) entirely. The snatches I do recall are just down right bizarre! I often wonder if, like Scrooge, the figments of my imagination might be a bit of cheese or gravy (although, I don’t eat cheese often anymore and I’ve never been fond of gravy!).

The one last night took place, oddly, at night. There was a doctor who was visiting mom in a pickup truck. The truck held an older daughter and a dog. The doctor was really impressed with the lake below the house (which was larger than it really is). Mum was dying (well, I guess that part was real!) and he was just checking on her. There was also a man, a bit younger than me, who was putting flooring in the house. He was VERY cute. I don’t remember much of that person, but I kinda think something happened!!!

I know I dropped off to sleep after 2 and woke up at 4 to check on mom. Because I check on mum (not as often as I used to, I’m trying to make her more independent), I wear real clothing when I sleep. Especially on top. (Putting on both a shirt and sweats or leggings at 2am when you are groggy is a bit of an adventure in dressing!) When I woke to turn off the alarm, I felt tied up. I was super sleepy, but was sure mum hadn’t gotten up yet. I needed to shake into wakefulness!  I had on a tank top under my sweatshirt and discovered the tank top was sinfully skewed. (truly!)

I straightened myself out, went upstairs to wake mum and the dog, and discovered it was snowing! The dog wasn’t nearly as impressed as I was. Like my dream, it didn’t last long, but oh it was so much fun while it lasted! (Unlike the dream, I did manage to take a couple of photos to remember!)


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