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The day celebrating our American Thanksgiving has come and gone. Mum opted to go to my sister’s for lunch, she was in the ‘pushing jello uphill’ mode, but was determined. (It is terribly hard it is to be around someone who doesn’t want to do something they feel they should)

While discussing going last night, Mum asked me what we were bringing. I blinked. Do we have to bring anything? Mum responded she always brings something. Usually olives and baby pickles. I asked her why she hadn’t told me this earlier and she said she forgot. So, when we left late, I wasn’t sure we’d have time to stop at a store. We did and mum was going to get out. She then changed her mind and said I would be faster and to also get a veggie tray. I hoped I’d remember everything! (I did forget the smart water which was on the list I did not look at, the one residing in my back pocket!)

While at Jake’s, I discovered something. My little sister is like me in many ways. (these are from 2014, the missing heads is my favorite, my niece took that one!)

We have always been told all three of us look exactly alike, I’ve heard it said my sister and I have a similar laugh, and she does two things I do all the time. (things I’m learning to NOT do anymore and am more aware of.) She apologizes for everything and feels all problems are her fault. I wanted to cry when I heard her act the same way I do. This is NOT RIGHT! (shouting to remind myself it is important) How did two girls end up with the same thought pattern? Ok, I know, we were in the same family. But, I raised my sister, not mom. I guess Jake imprinted on me….ouch!

Mum dropped off to sleep a couple of times, forgot how to play Apples to Apples half way thru (this was sad, mum has always had a fast mind), and mentioned how she didn’t need pain meds anymore, so she wasn’t taking them often. I had the meds with me, she refused them til we got home. At that point she took two oxytocin and one for nausea. She also took a long nap and has been working on a scarf/hood (I wear mine often) for a cousin. She’s messed it up and is not sure where. She had trouble with one she was working on last year. Any sort of project with a bit of complication befuddles her. But, she’s fine. (I do not like that four letter word at all.)

Yet, I am thankful. I’m thankful for the people I know via WP, the ones I know from other social medias, for the people who help me as I muddle through my days, for my sister (was that an earthquake?? Laughing out loud!), for my family both near and far, for friends who care for me in spite of myself and for myself, for knowledge and being able to recognize when I need to let go. For knowing I can become the person I was meant to be.


Also for flirtatious men who try to make a ‘pick up’ at the local sanitation drop (dump!). Yes, that really happened and Kris smiled. I was bundled up from top to toe, was doing nothing more than the dump run, and wasn’t even thinking of flirting at that moment (yeah, I must have been feeling sick, right!?! LOL). The poor guy must have been hard up for women. But, as I said, it did make me smile as I followed his truck out onto the highway. (our paths diverged and it was quite ok!)

18 thoughts on “And I am

  1. I LOVE the words you use! LOVE THEM! The parenthesize, bold words & phrases always get a giggle out of me. How can someone be so subtle, yet so funny? Ah! Classic!

    Your mum set you up with the store run. You know that right? She had no intention of going into that store. HA! You guys need your own reality show. I would actually change the channel from Nick Jr./ Disney Jr. to watch it.

    And, trashman (that’s what I am naming him) was not hard up for a woman. He has good taste in women if he was trying to pick you up. So, next time you go to the dump, be sure to wear your stilettos, lipstick, and bat your eyelashes. LMAO

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