Applesauce. Gooey messy golden deliciousness. If you are little you often hear the words to sit ‘criss cross applesauce’. If you are a bit older, it might be a swear word. If you have apples, you can make it. This is one of the things I did today. (I also did swear a few times for other reasons than cooking!!)

There were two aged apples on the counter. Mum said she was going to make applesauce, but couldn’t find a recipe. I told her I’d take care of it. I cut them up, added a bit of water, and cooked them down. I did add some cranberry juice and cinnamon at the end. (I never ever put sugar in the mix when I cook down fruit, you don’t need it!) I kept tasting it and thinking I needed to stop, cuz it was going to spike my glucose!! (it didn’t.)20171112_153403

I also made a mostly veggie stew, too. Soup and stew are not the same. The soup I make is often thick creamy stuff. (I want it to stick to ribs!) Sometimes I make one that is thin, more of an appetizer than a meal. My stew, however, is chunks of veggies and meats all cooked together in a mess thick enough to stand a spoon up in. Or a fork! It is truly a meal and I often add homemade bread or other warm yeasty/baking soda treats. I think I’ll make cheese wedges to go with this dinner..(I really miss cooking!!!!!!).


Mum’s been a bit quieter the last day or so. Especially, since I told her I was going to let her be. She did finally take a shower this afternoon, she said if I was going to be upstairs she’d do it. I reminded her the last ones she took, I was unaware she had til she started. However, she told me I must not have heard her when she told me because I was probably sleeping. (whatever!) She uses insulin pens instead of her pump now for her shots. I like to keep each pen in a small separate box (sample boxes usually only have one pen inside) for convenience in carting it around and remembering which pen is where for what shot. Mum used up a pen, took the box apart, and put it in the recycling. So much for ease!

An interesting thing with the drains. When the guy did the pumping, this time he came up and put the hose into the pipe next to the house. I thought it was going to shake the lines apart!!! But, something odd happened. There is a drain in the laundry room that has always had standing water in it less than 2 inches down. Now? The water is about 8 inches down. I had no idea that hole in the floor was that deep!!! I can now hear water draining when I’m in the basement. I’m wondering if I should put the lye solution in the upstairs kitchen drain instead of just in the basement ones.

Got a notification that my books were due on Tuesday. I have half of one left to read! (I read the other one on Saturday) Mittens tried to give me her tail while I was reading the tale of magic, but eventually ran off. Silly kitty cat! (The previous trilogy by these two was 100% better.)


My ipad is acting up and some sites are not being found and my Monday will be busy doing a bazillion mum chores. (My eldest forgot the time change between AK and VA and called this morning. He woke me from a dream where I was getting arrested for neglecting mum. She had fallen down the stairs to the basement and told the paramedics I was dropping her care, so the Ak State Troopers came to get me. Needless to say, I now have a headache!) I plan to do at least one ME thing, besides renewing my library book and getting a couple of others. It is glittery frozen outside, so I’m not going to wear a skirt, but I’m going to try and look nice and feel nice. (Dolly Levi sang that best. I’m not feeling down, but looking good always makes the day brighter!)

11 thoughts on “Applesauce!

  1. You have been quite a busy bee, today! Good for you! Sounds like you and Mum need your own show. (along with the kitty of course!)

    I need to cook, maybe one of these days you will be my inspiration to cook real good. I just hate cooking and the kids eating different parts of it. Like, eat the whole meal, not bits and pieces. ugh! (applesauce!)

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