When a person starts a blog and then followers appear, the blogger wonders. At least, I do. I didn’t really mind if anyone ever followed me, it wasn’t important. (I didn’t realise how silly that was!) For me, I embrace a few of my followers and hope the rest don’t mind my trips thru the net. (I even follow some who don’t follow me.) I started this particular blog because I needed a place to scream visually, to be myself, and to cry. I’m pretty sure there are a great many wet shoulders out there! I call this my unfiltered facebook, because I can’t tell these things to most of the people who really know me…because 90% of this stuff is ‘OMG!!! You can’t be thinking/doing/believing/ that!” They’d like the cat parts I’ve added……..

Which is funny, those people I’ve lived with and/or known for years and years and they do NOT know me. You do. You blessed lights of people who share love and give advice and care and seem to like my mental wanderings. We are in each other’s living rooms, bedrooms, cars, work places and we belong.

Thank  you so much. I need you, each and every one. You are more than people I follow or people who follow me. You are friends.

24 thoughts on “Sniff

  1. You are our friend too😊Like you, I started this blog to laugh and mask my pain. I did not expect anyone to care but people did and my followers are so kind to share their lives, happiness or frustrations just as I do. Garfield hugs..
    We are all sailing in the same boat of life. Let’s stay happy and support each other💕💕🤗🤗

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  2. This is powerful and true for many Kris. We often fear to be ourselves in real life due to people not understanding, judgement or because of expectation to act a certain way. In the meantime we are never ourselves and live a life of pretend. I’m glad you have found a place here and I think you are perfect just the way you are my dear friend.

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