A new experience???

It is odd when one reaches more than a half century and only then gets to do things desired at 20.


My dad owned the movie ‘Barbarella’ on laser disc (think original dvd the size of a 33 record stacked 2 high….ok, I’ve just totally lost any of my followers under the age of 49, follow the link!). At any rate, I wasn’t allowed to watch it. I did manage to sneak about 45 minutes one day, subterfuge was not my forte (unless it involved boys!). I had to wait til the summer of my 50th year before I actually watched it. TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!! I was alone in the theatre, quite possibly the youngest member in the audience, and fell completely in love with the psychedelic world of ‘Barbarella’.

Jump to October 2017. I was chatting with one of my favorite people one night when he mentioned he was thinking about taking his best friend to see a live production of ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’. She’d never seen it and if there is one thing this friend of mine does best, it is finding new things for people to do and think. I must admit, I turned lime with envy! I have wanted to see a live showing of this classic since I was in college in Portland, Or!!!


In moments, I realized some things: 1) limes are green lemons. 2) lemons are yellow and can mean a bad experience or a coward. 3) ALL RHPS renditions are basically bad, which is why they are so iconic and fun! 4) I should not need to be afraid to try new things. 5) limes are more apt to be found at a party, while lemons are often in company with tea. 6) Parties usually involve people and I’m generally alone, but TRHPS is a place you can be alone and it isn’t weird. 7) Mum will be perfectly fine, this showing will be at midnight and mum doesn’t usually need anything from 1015 until 4 am. I should be back by then, if I come directly home after getting rid of the glitter.

So, I decided I would go. I mean, really, I’ve waited more than 30 years. These sorts of experiences don’t just drop into your lap! I missed the 2016 Tustemena 200 (dog sled race near here…if I’m still in this area at the end of the next January and there is enough snow, I am going!!!) and as I mentioned the other day, the parade passes by and I want to be in it! (NOT the dog parade…I’ll watch those sweeties.)

There are less than 24 hours til something may keep me from going. Actually hoping for something…Hope I don’t jinx it!

16 thoughts on “A new experience???

  1. 1. I surprisingly saw my dad watching Barbarella on Netflix a couple of years ago (surprising because my dad has very strong opinions on Jane Fonda), and I watched about 2/3 of the movie with him…the band Duran Duran (named after the film’s villain, Durand Durand) was right to call it a “sci-fi sex comedy”, especially in the scene where Barbarella gets it on “the way they do it on Earth” (well, by her time anyway).

    2. I actually do remember laserdiscs, and I am well under the age of 49. My second elementary school had a laserdisc player in its library (I went to three different elementary schools between kindergarten and fifth grade).

    3. There’s actually a Rocky Horror shadow cast (that’s what they call the live shows) down in Orlando that I would love to see perform at some point. One of my old college friends used to perform with them (not anymore, though), and he always seemed to have so much fun (he used a wheelchair, and he usually would end up playing Dr. Von Scott). Perhaps I could convince my sister-in-law to take me there for a girls’ night out at some point…

    Either way, have fun! And we want to hear about it! 🙌🏻

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