Autumn Cat Nips

The cat is above all things, a dramatist. ~Margaret Benson


Falling leaves are curious things for an inquisitive feline. They bounce and roll and tumble across the grass in a most intriguing manner.

I’m always nervous when Moses stares intently at maple leaves curling across the street, cars have little sense when it comes to darting cats. Thankfully, there is a large yard with sidewalks for Moses and Maxwell to lounge in. (Not that they stay there!) One of the messiest things the cats do is to roll in the crunchy, colorful fallen foliage. I’m never quite sure if they enjoy the scratchiness or the scent or if there is any reason at all! Mayhap, it is because fall is their season. Both Maxwell and Moses came to us in the fall.


Mittens is an inside cat, but even she was caught staring at the birch leaves blowing away from the lawn mower as I pushed it around the yard the week before last. I felt sad for her. The focused look as she perched on her hind legs reminded me of her sheltered life within four walls. When I came in later, she tripped me while I was getting her bedtime snack. I stopped feeling sorry for her!

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