I was thanked for taking mum to the beach today. I was also chastised a bit later. I feel like the legendary Push-me-Pull-you from the books about Dr. Doolittle. I have wanted mum to go to the beach often. She usually says no. I was glad she went today. I stayed closer to the car, in case she needed attention. She pushed herself, panted, and said she needed to get out more cuz she was too weak and shaky. Whatever.

Later, she asked me why a friend was coming over tomorrow. She knows I’ll be gone most of the afternoon. She asked if I had asked the friend to visit. I would never ask someone to sit with mom anymore. She’s too mean and she’s absolutely ‘fine’. Mum insists she does not need a babysitter. She is refusing to take more than one pain pill at a time, so she will be well. She insists she is going to work on projects (ones she had to put aside because she could not do them). She is fine.

She whimpers, says her eyes don’t work well (because I didn’t make her appointment on time and she’s got to wait to the end of November now for new glasses), and wants to tell me all sorts of news things (which I do NOT want to hear) and at the same time she doesn’t want me around anymore because I need to leave. (I wish I could!)  I will post my family blog and put mum going to the beach on it. Everyone will love it. I think they get tired of my normal Alaska stuff, but mum has a huge following. Everyone will say how good she looks. Because she is fine.

I need to do a lot of mom things tomorrow and I hope to wash some of my laundry while I am out. I am not going to believe it will happen, but I will plan for it.

And I burned the knuckle on my finger when I was making mum’s bedtime snack..Piffle!!!


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