I’m a real girl!!!

In the Disney animated version of Pinocchio’s life, you can’t help but smile, when he discovers he’s a real boy. I totally understood that joy on Thursday. It was almost entirely a ME day. Granted, it didn’t quite go as I had planned.  I managed to adapt myself and it all worked out beautifully!

I almost always talk to a friend in the morning. I missed that.  Usually the  wake up communication is the best part of the day, so not having it made me nervous. Mum had a fitting that needed changed about 11. I called Dish after that to see if we could get mum a hockey package (she already had it and wasn’t aware she did!), but it took us almost an hour to troubleshoot another problem. It still isn’t resolved! But, the lady at Dish was more than lovely and I’ll call them back to see what else we can do.


One of my exceptionally good friends came by to see me (she had a meeting near here and thought she’d visit me, too!). Since her meeting was inadvertently cancelled, we opted to leave for lunch. I had errands in town anyway. (Mum gave herself her shot and it worked!!!!!! She gave it before I left. She was also miffed because I had someone to see me and the friend didn’t stay upstairs and talk to her.) My friend and I went out for Thai food. I love most Asian foods and mum doesn’t really care for them. We sat and chatted and it was so lovely to talk to someone who is rooted in my life clear back to 6th grade. (We sabotaged a substitute that year. It was not nice and now my friend is an art teacher and I’ve worked in schools as an assistant numerous times! Karma?) After lunch, I went to the library and they accidentally gave me 4 books! (I had left one at home, mum is still reading it. I had four on reserve and they gave all of them to me!!) I went to a grocery store because I needed a soda and ice cream. (I burnt my tongue on a spring roll!)  At the register, I almost commented on the cashier’s name. I’m so glad I didn’t. It appears she and I were in school together. She was entirely chatty. (I wish I had my HS yearbook to verify just exactly who she is!) My next stop was a bank, there I met more lovely people and another gal I went to school with (She, I remember. We both played flute and she spent the night at my house several times.). I culminated my running late afternoon in town by playing Dobby again. I had a little more than an hour and got quite a bit done, I think. I wanted to take a shower, too, but as mentioned, I was running behind.

I got to the post one minute before closing and picked up a package from a friend. (That deserves its own post, it was funny and fun and such a joy!) Then, I dashed over to get pizza for dinner and came home.


Mum was upset, so I was glad I got comfort food. She also had a busy afternoon. She tried to make sourdough bread in the bread machine and it was a nice solid thin brick. She decided not to donate her auction items to an auction this weekend (I was so glad. They were supposed to have been turned in a month ago!) and was frustrated cuz the hockey game she wanted to get, she couldn’t. (So, another reason to talk to Dish.) She was annoyed when she was looking thru the mail I had not given her and asked why she hadn’t been given it. They were bills and I told her I was taking care of them. (Which made her grumpy!) She was so irritated with things, she said she should die cuz she can’t do anything she wants to. I told her it was ok and I’d stay with her for the next 10  years. She didn’t like that either. Mum’s sad one of her favorite oncologists is retiring and her taxi accountant is retiring and she then told me she should move to Oregon. (I almost fell over in surprise!) She asked what it would take to do this and I gave some noncommittal answer. I’ll do the research and see if she’s still of the same mind in December. She doesn’t realise it, but she’ll have to live with me. At least it might get The Craftsman working on finishing up some parts of the house and maybe Little Bear will move into his own place. Nothing like changes to encourage change.

So, a definite Sesame Street Sunny Day sort of Day!

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